Difference Between Adventurous and Adventuresome

Main Difference – Adventurous vs. Adventuresome

Adventurous and Adventuresome are two adjectives that are derived from ‘adventure’. Though both words have a similar meaning, there is a main difference between adventurous and adventuresome depending on the usage. ‘Adventurous’ has a broader meaning and is more commonly used than ‘Adventuresome’. In this sense, the word ‘Adventuresome‘ is used less in the English language.

Adventurous – Meaning and Usage

The word adventurous is an adjective that can be used to describe nouns. It gives out the idea of a challenge or risk. For instance, when speaking of people an adventurous person is someone who is willing to face a challenge and enjoys the risk that he is taking. Some people are naturally more prone towards adventure, unlike others. These are the people who have a freer spirit and enjoys the rush that adventures often provide. The word adventure does not necessarily have to be confined to the adventures in a wilderness or extreme sports, it can even be a new chapter in life where the individual is willing to explore something that is completely alien to him or her. 

In the English language, there are a number of situations in which the word adventure can be used. Through examples, let us observe how the word gains a different meaning in relation to the change of context. 

When talking about a person – Inclined to adventure; willing to face risks; prone to embark in hazardous enterprise; rashly daring. This is the most commonly used meaning for the word adventure. The examples will elaborate on how to position the word in a sentence.

“Jane was an adventurous traveler.”

“He has been chivalrous and adventurous in his youth.”

When talking about an act/an object – Full of danger, risky: It can also be used speak of a particular subject, an experience, etc. which is full of danger.

“He published a novel about his adventurous journey.”

“He was all ready to set out on his adventurous expedition.”

Full of excitement:

“Her life was adventurous as her books.”

“They all thought that he had an adventurous career.”

Involving new ideas or methods:

“They wanted more adventurous meals.

“This gave birth to more adventurous and imaginative research methods.”

adventurous vs adventuresome

He was an adventurous traveler.

 Adventuresome – Meaning and Usage

‘Adventuresome’ is an adjective meaning prone to, or willing to undertake, adventures; daring or bold. Adventuresome is a synonym of venturesome.


“I would recommend water rafting to anyone with an adventuresome spirit.”

“He was a nine year old little boy with an adventuresome spirit.”

difference between adventurous and adventuresome

“I would recommend water rafting to anyone with an adventuresome spirit.”

Difference Between Adventurous and Adventuresome


Adventurous means something or someone as being without fear and ready to accept challenges or adventures, usually with excitement.

Adventuresome means prone to, or willing to undertake, adventures.


Adventurous could also mean new or full of excitement.

Adventuresome does not refer to novelty or excitement.


Adventurous is more preferred in common usage.

Adventuresome is not used very often compared adventurous.

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