Difference Between Aesthetics and Esthetics

Main Difference – Aesthetics vs. Esthetics

The main difference between the two words aesthetics and esthetics is that “aesthetic” is used in British English while “esthetics” is used in American English. This is the only difference between these two words.

Aesthetics and Esthetics are two words that are often used to talk about concepts like beauty and taste. In fact, many people wonder about the difference between Aesthetics and Esthetics. The only difference between these two words is their spellings. That is to say, these two words refer to the same and therefore, can be used interchangeably. Aesthetic is used by the people in European and Commonwealth countries. Esthetic is used in American English.

Both aesthetic and esthetic have same word etymology. They are said to be derived from German Ästhetisch or French esthétique, both from Greek aisthetikos meaning”sensitive, “perceptive”. Both these words are used as nouns as well as adjectives. Aesthtic or esthetic is also a branch of Philosophy that deals with nature, expression and perception of beauty.

Aesthetics originates from the concept of taste. This is evident in what people create (usually by artists) and what people perceive (ordinary people, specialists, critics, and fellow artists). Each culture, community and person have its own set of aesthetics and some criteria of what is attractive and beautiful. For example, in some cultures white skin is considered beautiful while, in some countries, tan color is much appreciated. Nevertheless, there are also some general underlying trends or choices that decide what is beautiful and pleasurable for the general population.

Difference Between Aesthetics and Esthetics

Aesthetic/Esthetic – Meaning

Aesthetic/Esthetics can be defined as the appreciation of beauty. But if we were to further analyse these two words in terms of their meanings, Aesthetic/Esthetics can refer to,

Attractive or appealing

“The new building has little aesthetic appeal.”

“This shop sold furniture that is both esthetic and functional.”

“If you add something to a painting, never let it be for aesthetic reasons. Only let it be for reasons of expression.” –Asger Jorn

Concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste

“The aesthetic appeal of the exhibit prompted him to make a higher offer.”

“I have an esthetic appreciation of her looks and personal style.”

In this period, they occupied very much the center of aesthetic appreciation and social value.”

Relating to the philosophy or theories of aesthetics 

The branch of philosophy that deals with nature, expression, and perception of beauty

Being or relating to a work of art; artistic

“The film was an aesthetic success.”

“The students should try to appreciate the aesthetic value of this novel.”

Characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty

“The filmmaker and his aesthetic friends were getting ready to make another film.”

“He was an esthetic person and appreciated the natural beauty of the location.”

It is important to know that aesthetic/esthetic is also widely used in the cosmetics industry which is devoted to the appreciation of human beauty. All beauty treatments which make women more appealing (waxing, spa treatments, manicure, pedicure, aromatherapy, plastic surgery etc.) falls under the category of aesthetic.

main difference - aesthetic vs esthtic                                                                                                                                                                             

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