Difference Between Affected and Effected

Main Difference – Affected vs Effected

Affected and Effected are past forms and past participles of the two verbs affect and effect. The confusion between affected and effected mainly derives from the confusion between affect and effect. Although the meanings of affect and effect overlap to a certain extent, affect is generally used as a verb and effect as a noun. However, effect can also be used as a verb. When both these words are used as verbs, many English learners find it challenging to discern their meanings. The main difference between affected and effected is that affect means to have an influence or result in a change whereas the verb effect refers to bring about or cause something to happen.Difference Between Government and Politics - infographic

Affected – Definition, Meaning and Usage

Affect can be used as a verb and a noun. However, it is mainly used as a verb. The verb affect has several meanings: to have an influence, to make a difference to or to move emotionally. These different meanings will be explained more clearly by the following examples.

The conflict between China and United States affected all the countries in the world.

His tragic death affected the whole family.

This psychiatrist believes that success can be affected by attitude.

A mother’s behavior and attitudes can affect the lives of her children.

The sales were not affected by the sudden change in weather.

Affect has another meaning. It also refers to pretend to feel or put on a show. For example,

He affected a British accent in his speech.

The little boy affected an indifference to their conversation.

Affected is also used as an adjective; the adjective affected means influenced or touched by an external factor.

The affected area was quarantined.

Apply the ointment to the affected area every six hours.

Notice that the first sentence refers to an area or territory that has been affected by an external factor such as a disease. In the second sentence, ‘affected area’ refers to skin.

Difference Between Affected and Effected

An aerial view of the affected areas

Effected – Definition, Meaning and Usage

Effect is generally used as a noun that means the result or consequence of something. It can be also used as a verb. As a verb, effect means to bring about, execute, or cause. This verb is mostly used with words like change and solutions.

Policy changes were effected by the new Defense Minister – Policy changes were brought about by the new Defense Minister

The new regulations will be effected by next week. – The new regulations will be executed by next week.

His extensive research effected a major change in the field of research. – His extensive research brought about a major change in the field of research.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the difference between affect and effect using the following examples:

These measures have been designed to effect savings

These measures will affect savings.

The first sentence implies that the measures will cause new savings to come about. The second sentence implies that the measures will cause a change in savings that have already been realized.

Main Difference - Affected vs Effected

Policy changes were effected.

Difference Between Affected and Effected


Affect means to cause, to influence, or to make a difference to.

Effect means to bring about, execute, or cause.


Affect is more commonly used as a verb.

Effect is less commonly used as a verb.

Grammatical Category

Affected is a verb and adjective.

Effected is mainly a verb.

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