Difference Between Affirmative and Assertive Sentences

Main Difference – Affirmative vs Assertive Sentences

There are four basic types of sentences in the English language; they are declarative, imperative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences. Declarative sentences, which are the commonest type of sentences, are also known as assertive sentences. Declarative or assertive sentences are the sentences that state a fact or opinion. They can be again divided into two types of sentences known as affirmative and negative sentences. Affirmative sentences are the sentences that have a positive meaning; negative sentences are the opposite of affirmative sentences. The main difference between affirmative and assertive sentences is that assertive sentences state a fact or belief whereas affirmative sentence state a positive meaning.

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1. What is an Affirmative Sentence? – Grammar, Meaning, Function and Examples

2. What is an Assertive Sentence? – Grammar, Meaning, Function and Examples

3.  Difference Between Affirmative and Assertive Sentences

Difference Between Affirmative and Assertive Sentences - Affirmative vs. Assertive Sentences Cmparison Summary

What is an Assertive Sentence

Assertive sentences are commonly known as declarative sentences. These are the most commonly used sentences in the language. Various sources of information such as books, essays, articles, reports, etc. are mainly composed of assertive sentences. The main function of an assertive sentence is relaying information, opinions, beliefs and facts. They state, declare, or assert something. Assertive sentences always end in a full stop.

An assertive sentence can be simple, compound or complex sentence.  Thus, an assertive sentence can be of various lengths. Irrespective of its length, an assertive sentence always contains a subject and a predicate. Given below are some examples of assertive sentences.

He smiled at me.

Cinderella and Prince Charming lived happily ever after.

She has been to Paris.

The zookeeper was killed by a lion.

It’s raining outside.

He didn’t like my idea, but he agreed to help me.

He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

You shouldn’t hate anyone.

Assertive sentences can be divided into two categories called affirmative and negative.

Main Difference -Affirmative vs Assertive Sentences

The little girl was sad, but she didn’t cry.

What is an Affirmative Sentence

Affirmative sentences are sentences that give a positive sense, as opposed to negative sentences. They tell us what something or something has, does, or is. For example,

He is a doctor. (Tells us what someone is)

My uncle has a big house. (Tells us what someone has)

She danced with me. (Tells us what someone does)

Affirmative sentences are the opposite of negative sentences. Negative sentences tell us what something or something doesn’t have, can’t do, or isn’t.

Difference Between Affirmative and Assertive Sentences

This cottage has a stunning view of the mountains.

The following table contains some affirmative sentences and their negative counterpart.

Affirmative Sentence

Negative Sentence

  You should listen to her.

  You shouldn’t listen to her.

  It’s raining.

  It’s not raining.

  She is a teacher.

  She is not a teacher.

  The dog barked.

  The dog didn’t bark.

  The house was destroyed by the fire.

  The house wasn’t destroyed by the fire.

  Thumbelina was very small. 

   Thumbelina was not very small. 

Difference Between Affirmative and Assertive Sentences


Affirmative sentences indicate a positive sense or meaning.

Assertive sentences declare, state, or assert a fact or opinion.


Affirmative sentences are the opposite of negative sentences.

Assertive sentences can be either affirmative or negative.

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