Difference Between Aging and Ageing

Main Difference – Aging vs Ageing

Both aging and aging refer to the process of growing old. They are the present participle and gerund of the verb age. If they have the same meaning, then what is the difference between? The only difference between aging and ageing is their spelling and usage. Aging is used by American and Canadian writers whereas Ageing is used by writers outside North America.

Aging/Ageing – Meaning

Aging/ ageing is the present participle and the gerund of the verb age. Both words can also be used as nouns and adjectives. As a verb, they mean to grow old or older. As nouns, they refer to the process of growing old. They are also used as adjectives to describe people who are growing old or things getting old. Read the following sentences and try to see if you can identify these different functions.

No one could recognize the aging/ageing actress.

He found a new medicine to stop the process of ageing/ageing.

He used an anti-ageing/aging drug to look young.

This cream is supposed to slow seven signs of aging/ageing.

Her father was aging/ageing, and he did not want to take up the children’s’ responsibility. 

The company wanted to get rid of their aging/ageing machinery.

The aging/ageing movie star refused to play a secondary character.

We tried aging/aging the paper by adding a spoonful of coffee.

These bottles of wine have been ageing/aging nicely.

The aging/ageing population of the country was provided the benefit of free healthcare.

Difference Between Aging and Ageing

Aging – Usage

Aging is the non-British way of spelling the present participle of the verb age. This spelling is used by Americans, Canadians and Australians.

Ageing – Usage

Ageing is the British spelling of the way. This is used by British, Indians and some other former British colonies.

Since these two verbs are used by two different segments, you can always choose the most appropriate out of aging and ageing according to your audience. Remember that neither word is incorrect. The difference in spelling is just another difference between American English and British English.

Difference Between Aging and Ageing

  • Aging/ Ageing refers to the process of growing old.
  • Aging/ageing is a noun, verb, and adjective.
  • Aging is the American English spelling of the present participle of age.
  • Ageing is the British English spelling of the present participle of age.

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