Difference Between Aisle and Isle

Main Difference – Aisle vs Isle

Aisle and Isle are a pair of homophones that confuse many English speakers. This confusion is mainly due to the same pronunciation as well as the similar spellings. However, the meanings of these two words are totally different; aisle is a narrow walkway whereas isle is an island. This is the main difference between aisle and isle. When talking about the pronunciation aisle and isle, it is important to notice that the ‘s’ sound is silent in both of them. So, they are pronounced like I’ll.

Aisle – Meaning and Usage

Aisle refers to a narrow walkway or passage. The passage between seats in church, theater, train, bus, plane, etc. is called aisle. The passage between cabinets and shelves of goods in a supermarket is also called aisle.

The aisle was filled with people who were in a rush to get off the bus.

The radiant bride walked down the aisle with her father.

I chose a seat on the train across the aisle from Miriam.

He tripped and fell in the office’s aisle.

He wandered through the aisles, not sure what he needed to buy.

In which aisle can I find candles?

You might have heard the phrases ‘lead someone up the aisle’ and ‘walk down the aisle’. Both these expressions refer to getting married.

She got divorced, few months after walking down the aisle

Aisle is also used in a metaphorical sense in modern usage; this meaning is related to politics. In politics; aisle refers to an imaginary line between two political parties. In the United States, the phrase “the two sides of the aisle” refers to the two major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. Therefore, “crossing the aisle” refers to switching political parties, “reaching across the aisle” refers to working together.Main Difference - Aisle vs Isle

Isle – Meaning and Usage

Isle is an island. This noun is mostly used for islands which are small in size. For example, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Isle of Rugen, etc. are small islands. But it is not also incorrect to use it for big islands. Look at the following examples, to understand the meaning of this noun better.

This book is about a family who gets stranded on a desert isle.

They wanted to go to a remote isle.

The British Isles is a very attractive place for tourists.

They vacationed in a tropical isle.

The couple wanted to spend their honeymoon in a tropical isle.

You can easily guess the meaning of isle if you compare its spelling with that of island. Both start with the letters ‘isl’. This will help you to recognize the difference between aisle and isle.Difference Between Aisle and Isle

Difference Between Aisle and Isle


Aisle is a passage or walkway.

Isle is a small island.


Aisle is a place or structure inside a building.

Isle is a location.

Figurative Meanings

Aisle has given rise to many figurative meanings.

Isle has not given rise to many figurative meanings.


Aisle comes from Latin ala.

Isle comes from Latin insula.Difference Between Aisle and Isle - infographic

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