Difference Between Amend and Emend

Main Difference – Amend vs Emend

Both verbs amend and emend basically means ‘to make changes in order to improve’ and they both come from the Latin emendare meaning ‘free from fault’ or correct. However, there is a distinct difference between amend and emend in usage. Emend is used when referring to the correction of a text whereas amend is used in a much broader context; amend can be used in relation to behavior, law, texts, etc. This is the main difference between amend and emend.

Amend – Meaning and Usage

Amend basically means to make changes for the better. It is used to talk about changes to laws and regulations, changes in a text, changes in behavior, or mindset. Amend comes from the French amender which is based on Latin emendare. The verb mend is considered to be a shortened form of amend. The noun form of amend is amendment. The following sentences will act as a guide to explain the different meanings of the verb amend.

A committee was appointed to amend the National Child Protection Act.

He decided to amend his will.

You can become successful if you change your thoughts.

The proposed bill would amend the law regarding unlawful assembly.

They amended the speech to include the president’s comments.

Let him have an opportunity to amend his faults.

You’ll live a long life if you amend your lifestyle.

Main Difference - Amend vs Emend

Attempts have been made to amend the Constitution.

Emend – Meaning and Usage

Emend specifically refers to making corrections and revisions to a printed or written text. Emendation is the noun form of emend and refers to the improvements made to a text by critical editing. It is easy to distinguish the difference between amend and emend by remembering that emend typically refers to the correction of an error. But amend does not necessarily refer to an error, it merely suggests a change for the better.

The verb emend is often confined to the spheres of writing and editing and popularly used by writers and editors. This is less common in usage than amend. Emend is also considered to be the newer of the two verbs.  Given below are some sentences that use the verb emends.

He emended several typos after reading my manuscript.

The year of his birth should be emended to 1092.

I think you should emend this last sentence.

 His editor emended the text to contain a comma after “news” rather than a colon. 

This book was emended in the third edition.

There are lots of errors in your conclusion; you should emend it.

Difference Between Amend and Emend

He emended several errors in the essay.

Difference Between Amend and Emend


Amend means ‘to make changes for the better’

Emend means ‘to make revisions or corrections to a text’


Amend is used in a broader context than emend.

Emend is used when talking about a text.


Emend refers to fixing an error.

Amend doesn’t mean that there is an error.


Amend is more common in usage.

Emend is confined to professional writing and editing spheres.Difference Between Amend and Emend - infographic

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