Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull

Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull

American bulldog and Pit Bull are often confused as one type of dog owing to their similar physical appearance. However, these two breeds are different in many ways including origin, behavior, physical characteristics, etc. The main difference between American bulldog and Pit Bull is that American bulldog belongs to mastiff group whereas Pit Bull belongs to terrier group. This article highlights the difference between American bulldog and Pit Bull in detail. Difference between American Bulldog and Pit Bull - infographic

American Bulldog – Facts, Characteristics, and Behaviour

American bulldogs were first bred for hunting and guarding and believed to have originated from English bulldogs in the United Kingdom. The adults are massive, stocky and strong- looking due to their muscular body. There are two types of dogs, which are named after the breeders. Johnson type was initially developed by John D. Johnson. The second type is the Scott type, which was named after Allen Scott. Johnson type dog has a massive body with shorter muzzle than Scott type. However, the modern breeds are developed by combining these two types. American bulldogs have a thick and short coat with white patches. Usually, an adult weighs between 27-54 kg and has a height of 52-70 cm at withers. These dogs are great family dogs and quite fond of kids. American bulldogs make strong bonds with their masters and family and often show dominant attitude especially when they encounter other dogs and people. Because of this, they have to be trained and socialized in the early stage of their lifespan. They are quite stubborn and difficult to train. But once they are trained properly, they are very loyal to their masters.

Main Difference - American Bulldog vs Pit Bull

American Pit Bull – Facts, Characteristics, and Behaviour

American Pit Bull is a terrier type dog, which has a medium sized, solid, short-coated body. Their muscles are smooth and well-defined. The body is somewhat longer than tall. These dogs were developed crossing Old English terrier and Old English bulldog. They are extremely powerful, energetic and athletic dogs that require regular exercises. This dog breed has a high tolerance for pain. Males usually weigh in between 45-85 lbs while females weigh between 30-80 lbs. American Pit Bulls are very aggressive towards other dogs and animals. However, they are very loyal to their masters and can be an ideal family pet. This dog breed is not recommended as a guard dog due to their extremely friendly nature towards people, even the strangers. They come in single or combination of colors. These dogs can be trained easily.

Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull

Difference Between American Bulldog and Pit Bull


American Bulldogs are developed from Old English bulldog.

American Pit Bulls are developed by crossing old English terrier and old English.

Dog Type

American Bulldog belongs to mastiff group.

American Pit Bull belongs to terrier group.

Snout Size

American Bulldog’s skull is longer than their snout.

American Pit Bull’s length of the snout is slightly longer or equal to that of their skull.

Guarding Purposes

American Bulldog is recommended as guard  dogs.

American Pit Bull is not recommended as guards due to their extremely friendly nature.

Body Size

American Bulldog is larger than American Pit Bull.

American Pit Bull is smaller than American Bulldog

Weight of an Adult (Male)

American Bulldog weighs about 30-58 kg.

American Pit Bull weighs about 16-27 kg.

General Lifespan

American Bulldog has a lifespan of 8-15 years

American Pit Bull has a lifespan of 10-15 years.


American Bulldogs shed more than Pit Bull.

American Pit Bulls are not heavy shedders.


American Bulldog has more adaptability to its environment than American Pit Bull.

American Pit Bull has less adaptability to its environment than American Bulldog.

Coat Colors

American Bulldog is often found in brown, fawn and white

American Pit Bull can be found in any color.


American Bulldogs bark occasionally.

American Pit Bulls rarely bark.

Litter Size

American bulldogs give birth to  5-10 puppies.

American Pit Bulls give birth to 7-14 puppies.

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