Difference Between Analysis and Analyses

Main Difference – Analysis vs Analyses

Both analysis and analyses refer to a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. The main difference between analysis and analyses is that analysis is the singular form whereas analyses is the plural form.

Analysis – Meaning and Usage

Analysis is the thorough, and in-depth examination of the elements or structure of something. It is formed from the verb analyze. Analyze is the American English spelling of this verb, but the British English spelling of this verb is analyse. When we analyse something carefully, we are doing an analysis. Analysis is a single study, report, or examination. Note how analysis has been used in the following examples.

A new analysis of the data proved that the disease was spreading fast.

He submitted a detailed analysis of the issue yesterday.

A close analysis of the book proved to be very useful.

The scientists made new analyses which proved that this drug causes kidney failure.

The students are expected to present an in-depth analysis of the poem.

An analysis of the blood sample revealed that he was perfectly healthy.Difference Between Analysis and Analyses

Analyses – Meaning and Usage

Analyses is the plural form of analysis. Analyses refer to multiple examinations, reports, and studies. In British English, analyses can also be the verb form of analyse which corresponds with third person singular subjects. But analyses mostly occurs as the plural form of analysis. In addition, analysis is also the most commonly used term of the two. This is why many people have trouble identifying the difference between analysis and analyses. Many English speakers are not sure whether this is a variation due to different varieties of English (British vs American) or some other reason. But, as explained above the difference between analysis and analyses is their number.

The following examples will help you to understand the use of analyses in a sentence. The first few sentences indicate how analyses is used as a noun while the last two sentences indicate how it occurs as a verb.

Plural Noun:

His analyses of other substances provided further evidence.

The scientist made many analyses with the purpose of proving his theory.

The literary analyses made by this critic are still taught in schools.


The technician analyses the data.

She analyses the poem to write a response to it.

Main Difference - Analysis vs Analyses

The scientist analyses a sample of coal.

Difference Between Analysis and Analyses

Singular vs Plural

Analysis is the singular form.

Analyses is the plural form.

Grammatical Form

Analysis is a noun.

Analyses is a noun, but it can also be the third person singular conjugation of ‘analyse’.


Analysis is more commonly used than analyses.

Analyses is not as common as analysis.Difference Between Analysis and Analyses- infographic

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