Difference Between Annex and Appendix

Main Difference – Annex vs Appendix

Annex and appendix both refer to a section that is attached to the end of a document. Both annex and appendix contain supplementary information that will help the reader to understand the main document better. However, there is a subtle difference between annex and appendix. Annex can stand alone as an independent document whereas appendix cannot. Now, let’s look at some other differences between annex and appendix.Difference Between Annex and Appendix -infographic

What is an Appendix

Appendix refers to supplementary material usually attached at the end of a piece of writing. It contains related but supplementary material to the main text.

For example, an English grammar book might have an appendix that lists the grammatical differences between American English and British English or the conjugation of regular and irregular verbs. Appendixes are more often statistical, historical or technical. This type of information is not central to the text and thus does not fit into the main text. This is why they are added at the end of the text. Adding this information in the main text itself can also affect the readability and the level of complexity of a text. The information contained in the appendix may not interest everyone. Given below is an example of an appendix.

Main Difference - Annex vs Appendix

What is an Annex

Annex also refers to supplementary material attached at the end of a document. Annex (or annexe) is also known as annexure. It is a complete document in itself. That means it can stand alone as an independent document. A tax table or a large excerpt from a book can be taken as examples of annexe. The information given in the annex is usually not written by the author of the main document; it is the work of another author. Moreover, an annex is considerably longer than an appendix. Given below is an example of an annex.

Difference Between Annex and Appendix

Difference Between Annex and Appendix


Annex is supplementary material attached at the end of a document.

Appendix is an addition to a document.

Separate Document 

Annex can stand alone as a document.

Appendix may not be able to stand alone as a document.


Annex is usually not written by the author of the main document.

Appendix may be written by the author of the main document.


Annex may be longer than an annex.

Appendix may not be as long as an appendix.


Annex is mainly used in the business and technical field.

Appendix is more commonly used.

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