Difference Between Assent and Ascent

Main Difference – Assent vs Ascent

Assent and Ascent are homophones – they sound alike but have different meanings. The spellings of these two words are also very similar. However, the meanings and function of these two words are not similar at all. Therefore, these two words create a lot of confusion. Assent means to express approval or agreement. Ascent refers to an upward movement. This is the main difference between assent and ascent.

Assent – Meaning and Usage

Assent comes from Latin assentire, from ad- meaning ‘towards’ and sentire meaning ‘feel’, or ‘think’. Assent can be used both as a verb and a noun. Assent basically refers to agreement or approval. The noun assent refers to the expression of approval or agreement whereas the verb assent refers to the act of expressing approval or agreement. When you give your assent to something, it means that you are assenting to it. The following sentences will clarify this meaning further.

The students jumped out of the chairs as soon as their teacher nodded his assent.

A loud murmur of assent was heard from the audience.

After much debate and discussion, we finally assented to the proposal.

This project cannot go on without prime minister’s assent.

We assented to the terms set down by the proprietor.

The government refused to assent to the hijackers’ demands.

Note that the verb assent is often followed by the preposition to. The noun assenter or assentor refers to the person who gives assent. Dissent is the antonym of assent.Difference Between Assent and Ascent

Ascent – Meaning and Usage

Ascent refers to a movement upwards. This noun is derived from the verb ascend. Ascent can refer to an either a climb or walk to the top of a mountain or hill or an instance of moving or rising through the air. Ascent can refer to the upward slope or path of a hill or mountain. Ascent can also be used in a figurative sense to talk about someone’s rise to power or position. Ascent is the opposite of descent.

His ascent to power was unavoidable.

The crowd watched the ascent of the hot air balloon with wonder.

The ascent of the mountain can be dangerous to people with poor eyesight.

The shuttle continued its ascent into space.

The ascent made by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay proved out to be successful.

The ascent of Mount Everest presented many difficulties.

The stock market climbed upward in a relentless ascent.Main Difference - Assent vs Ascent

Difference Between Assent and Ascent


Assent means to express agreement or approval.

Ascent refers to a movement upwards.

Grammatical Category

Assent is a noun and a verb.

Ascent is a noun.


Assent comes from Latin assentire.

Ascent is derived from the verb ascend.


Assent is the opposite of dissent.

Ascent is the opposite of descent.Difference Between Assent and Ascent- infographic

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