Difference Between Aunty and Auntie

Main Difference – Aunty vs Auntie 

Aunty and auntie are informal terms for aunt. Aunt is the sister of your mother or father. Your uncle’s wife also becomes your aunt. Similarly, the children of your sister or brother, or children of your sister-in-law or brother-in-law are your nephews (male children) and nieces (female children). Aunt comes from Old French ante derived from Latin amita.

In spoken language, when we are addressing an aunt directly, we use informal affectionate terms such as aunty and auntie. This is just like how mother becomes mama and mom. Such affectionate terms reflect the closeness between the aunt and the niece/nephew.

Difference Between Aunty and Auntie

Sometimes, children use the terms aunt, aunty and auntie to refer to unrelated adult female friends. Given below are some examples of these words in sentences.

I love Auntie Gracie’s chocolate cake.

Thanks for the present, aunty.

I visited my uncle and aunty last week.

My aunty and her two daughters are live in New York.

There is no real difference between aunty and auntie. As explained above, they are both affectionate terms for aunt. However, auntie is much more commonly used than aunty. The term auntie can also be found in many dictionaries, unlike aunty.

Summary – Aunty vs Auntie

  • Both aunty and auntie are informal terms for aunt.
  • Aunt is the sister of one’s mother or father, or the wife of one’s uncle.
  • Auntie is more commonly used than aunty.

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