Difference Between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

Main Difference – Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science are both undergraduate courses offered by universities. Many students find it challenging to choose between these two programs since they don’t know the difference between the two degrees. Although both BA and BSc are undergraduate programs, a significant difference can be noted between them.  The main difference between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science is that Bachelor of Art is a degree in Humanities or Social Sciences whereas Bachelor of Arts is a degree based on scientific learning.

What is Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts or BA is an undergraduate degree awarded by various universities in various countries. This is a degree in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences; a person who wants to read for a BA can choose from a broad range of subjects like history, literature, language, geography, education, theology, philosophy, social and political science, human resources, fine arts, etc.  Bachelor of Arts is the perfect choice for those who want to join fields such as journalism, administration, travel and tourism, human resources, etc. 

Bachelor of Arts Degrees provide students a more liberal education since they offer a vast range of subjects. BA degree can be completed within three to four years depending on the country, university and specific specializations such as majors and minors.Difference Between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

What is Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science or BSc is an undergraduate degree conferred by many universities in many countries. BSc is a degree in scientific and mathematical subjects. Natural sciences such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology, as well as, exact sciences such as mathematics, engineering, information technology, etc. can be studied for a BSc degree. Moreover courses such as management, economics, finance, etc. can be studied in BSc format as well.

In addition, whether a subject can be studied under a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts program also depends on the university. For example, economics degree may be offered as a BA degree in one university whereas some other universities may offer it as a BSc degree. Main Difference - Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Science

Difference Between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Arts is also known as BA.

Bachelor of Science is also known as BSc.


Bachelor of Arts deals with humanities and social sciences fields.

Bachelor of Science deals with scientific and mathematical subjects.


Bachelor of Arts offers subjects like history, geography, education, theology, philosophy, fine arts and human resources.

Bachelor of Science offers subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, information technology etc.Difference Between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science - infographic

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