Difference Between Bakery and Confectionery

Main Difference – Bakery vs Confectionery 

Bakery and confectionery are both shops that sell food items. The main difference between bakery and confectionery is that a bakery is a place where baked food items are sold whereas confectionery is a place where sweet food items are sold. Not all products in the bakery are sweet. Similarly, not all the sweets in the confectionery are baked.

What is a Bakery

A bakery is an establishment or shop that produces and sells food items based on flour and baked in ovens. Bakeries sell food items such as bread, bagels, buns, cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, muffins, pizza, brownies, etc. As seen from the above list, bakeries produce and sell both sweet and savory food items. Bakery produces a vast variety of foods, unlike a confectionery. You can buy food for main meals as (bread, buns, bagels), desserts such as cakes and pastries, snacks such as cookies and brownies. A person who owns and maintains a bakery is known as a baker.

Some bakeries also function as cafés, serving tea and coffee to customers who want to consume the food products in the establishment itself.

Difference Between Bakery and Confectionery

What is a Confectionery

A confectionery is a place that sells sweets. The sweets or candy produced in a sweets’ shop (confectionery) is also known as confectionery. The main difference between bakery and confectionery is that confectionery only sells sweets. Although a bakery produces and sells sweet baked food items, it also sells unsweetened food products.

The term confectionery is broadly categorized into two terms: bakers’ confections and sugar confections. Sugar confections include sweet, sugar-based foods which are usually eaten as snacks. Candies, chocolates, and chewing gum fall under the category of sweet confections. Baker’s confections include sweet baked products, particularly those that are eaten as desserts. Cakes, pastries, donuts, etc. are examples of this category.

Main Difference - Bakery vs Confectionery

Difference Between Bakery and Confectionery 


Bakery is a place where baked food products are sold.

Confectionery is a place where sweets are sold.

Alternative Meaning

Bakery only refers to the establishment.

Confectionery can also refer to the food products themselves.


Bakery is run by the baker.

Confectionery is run by the confectioner.

Sweet vs Savory

Bakery produces sweet and savory food products.

Confectionery only serves sweet foods.

Type of food

Bakery produces and sells staple food, dessert, and snacks.

Confectionery doesn’t sell food for main meals.Difference Between Bakery and Confectionery - infographic

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