Difference between Boarding and Lodging

Both boarding and lodging refer to accommodation, and we often use the two terms, boarding and lodging interchangeably. However, there is a distinct difference between boarding and lodging. This article will be illustrating this difference.

What is Boarding

Boarding refers to a place where one gets accommodation as well as regular meals for a payment. Boarding is generally used by students, as they need both accommodation and food when they are staying away from home for a long period. According to the Oxford Dictionary, boarding is “the arrangement according to which pupils live in school during term time”. A boarding place/house is usually used for a longer stay. The phrase, “boarding a plane” is also related to the accommodation and meals provided on the plane. A hostel (in a school) is an example of a boarding place.

What is Lodging

Lodging is a facility that provides only accommodation and some other basic facilities. This refers to a shorter stay and meals are not included with the accommodation. Lodging is the provision of accommodation to travelers and those who are staying away from home for more than one night. We need lodging to sleep, rest, get shelter from harsh weather conditions or to store our luggage safely. If you prefer to try meals at different local places, then you should find lodging.

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What is ‘Boarding and Lodging’

Sometimes, you see the term ‘boarding and lodging’ used in hotels. This refers to both accommodation and meals. Semantically, this usage is not correct; boarding refers to both meals and accommodation, and there is no need to use the term ‘lodging’.

Terms like Lodging and board, bed and board (UK), room and board (US), fooding and lodging (Indian English) also refer to both accommodation and meals.

Difference Between Boarding and Lodging

The main difference between boarding and lodging is that boarding refers to the provision of both accommodation and meals while lodging refers to the provision of accommodation. The duration of the stay is another difference between these two types of accommodations; boarding refers to a longer stay while lodging refers to a shorter stay. In addition, boarding is a facility more used by students whereas lodging is more used by tourists, and those who are staying away from home for a short while.

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