Difference Between Body Lotion and Body Butter

Main Difference – Body Lotion vs Body Butter

Body lotion and body butter are skin care products that moisturize our skin. The difference between body lotion and body butter stems from a number of factors, but the main difference between them is that body butter is more suited for people with extremely dry skin as it is an intense moisturizer.

What is Body Lotion

Body lotion is similar to body cream, but it is thinner and lighter in texture. This is because body lotion has a water base. It is basically a mix of oil and water. Therefore, our body can absorb moisture. Body lotions are also non-greasy so they can be used effectively during winter. Body lotion can be used by all skin types, but it is especially beneficial for people with oily skin.Main Difference - Body Lotion vs Body Butter

What is Body Butter

Body Butter is an intense skin moisturizer. Body butter is made using carrier oils and essential butters. Carrier oils are the substances that are used to carry and apply the essential oil into the skin. They also contain the essential fats and minerals that are extracted from natural ingredients. Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango seeds are some natural ingredients used in body butter. Body butter contains a very low amount of water when compared to other body creams and lotions.

The texture and consistency of the body butter depend on the ingredients used. But, in general, body butter is thicker and more viscous than body cream and body lotion. Body butter has a strong scent, and it lasts longer than body lotion. It can moisturize the skin deeply and maximize hydration. It can be used with people who have extremely dry skin. It is perfect to moisturize the skin during winter.

Difference Between Body Lotion and Body Butter

Difference Between Body Lotion and Body Butter


Body Lotion is made of oil and water.

Body Butter is made of butter extracted from nuts/seeds.


Body Lotion contains more water.

Body Butter contains less water.


Body Lotion is thin and non-greasy.

Body Butter is thick.


Body Lotion is best used during summer.

Body Butter is best used during winter.

Oily vs Dry Skin

Body Lotion is beneficial for people with oily skin.

Body Butter is beneficial for people with extremely dry skin.


Body Lotion moisturizes the skin.

Body Butter moisturizes the skin better.

Process of Moisturizing 

Body Lotion directly moisturizes the skin.

Body Butter helps to reduce the loss of moisture.

Type of Skin

Body Lotion can be used by all types of skins.

Body Butter is better for people with dry skins.Difference Between Body Lotion and Body Butter- infographic

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