Difference Between Boston Terrier and French Bulldog

Main Difference –  Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

Boston terrier and French bulldog are two types of small dog breeds that are very popular as pets, especially in the U.S. These dogs are very playful and are less aggressive towards strangers. They are often used as companions due to their friendly behviour. The main difference between Boston terrier and French bulldog is that French bulldog has a large square shaped skull with bat-like ears, whereas Boston terrier has a round shaped skull with cropped ears.

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      – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior
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Boston Terrier – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior

Boston terrier was developed in the United States in the late 1800s by crossbreeding among English Bulldogs, white English terriers, French bulldogs and a few other breeds. These dogs are often called American Gentlemen owing to their fine manners. This is the first American breed recognized by AKC in the early 1900s. Boston Terriers are among the most popular dog breeds in U.S and are called ‘roundheads’ for their round-shaped skulls. An average adult stands between 15-17 inches at withers and weighs around 7-11 kgs. The round head is more prominent. The muzzle is shortened. The eyes are large, round and dark. They have a short body with strong legs. Unlike other terrier breeds, the tail of this breed is not docked, but it is either straight or warped. The coat is short and smooth and available in brindle, seal or black colors with white markings.

Main Difference - Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

Figure 01: Boston Terrier

Grooming of Boston terrier is easy. This breed is a great companion owing to their friendly, playful, lovable and non-aggressive behavior. Boston Terriers are also known for their high intelligence and alert and active behavior. They bark loudly when strangers approach. Early training is essential.

French Bulldog – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior

French bulldog is a small dog derived from English Bulldogs in France in the late 1800s. The upright bat ears are one of the distinguishing features of French bulldogs. An adult dog stands 10-12 inches tall at withers and weighs less than 12.5 kg. The head is large and square. The shape of their skull is flat between the ears, but domed over the eyes. This shape is also a characteristic feature of this breed. The forehead is domed and the muzzle is very short. Their eyes are dark and moderate in size. The body is compact square conformation with muscling and heavy bone. The prognathic lower jaw has prominent black flews. The tail is short, low set and either screwed or straight. The limbs are straight boned with compact feet and well-knuckled toes. The broad thorax is well noticeable. The flat, very short and glossy coat is brindle, white, brindle and white or fawn. Black, tan and black, white and black color coats are quite rare.

Difference Between Boston Terrier and French Bulldog

Figure 02: French Bulldog

French bulldogs show intelligent, affectionate, playful and alert behaviors and love human companionship. Low barking and low shedding tendency are seen. Low grooming and low exercise are needed. 

Difference Between Boston Terrier and French Bulldog


Boston Terrier:  Boston terrier was developed in the U.S from English terriers.

French Bulldog: French bulldog was developed in France from English bulldogs.


Boston Terrier:  Boston terrier has a round-shaped skull.

French Bulldog: The skull is flat between the ears, but domed over the eyes.


Boston Terrier:  Boston terriers’ ears are either cropped or left natural.

French Bulldog: French bulldogs have upright bat ears.

Height at withers

Boston Terrier: The height at withers is 15-17 inches

French Bulldog: The height at withers is 10-12 inches

Body size

Boston Terrier:  Boston terrier is taller than French bulldog.

French Bulldog: French bulldog is stouter than Boston terrier.


Boston Terrier:  They weigh around 7-11 kg.

French Bulldog: They weigh more than 12.5 kg.


Boston Terrier:  Boston terriers are good companions.

French Bulldog: French bulldogs are good watchdogs and companions.

Coat Texture and Color

Boston Terrier:  The coat is short and smooth, and available in brindle, seal or black colors with white markings.

French Bulldog: The coat is flat, very short and glossy, and available in brindle, white, brindle and white or fawn.


Boston Terrier:  Lifespan is 11-13 years.

French Bulldog: Lifespan is 12-14 years.


Boston Terrier:  A moderate training is required.

French Bulldog: It is challenging to housetrain them.


Boston Terrier:  Boston terriers are active.

French Bulldog: French bulldogs show low activity level.


Both Boston terrier and French bulldog are small and very popular companion dogs. Both dogs show friendly and playful behaviors. Boston terrier is larger than French bulldog. Boston terrier is distinguished by its round skull and large rounded eyes, whereas French bulldog is identified by its large square shaped skull and upright bat-like ears. This is the difference between Boston terrier and French bulldog. 


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