Difference Between Bread Crumbs and Panko

Main Difference – Bread Crumbs vs Panko

Bread crumbs and panko are both used for crunchy toppings, stuffing, and breading. Since they have many similarities in uses and appearance, many people do not realize the difference between bread crumbs and panko. Although panko is a type of bread crumb, there is a main difference between bread crumbs and panko in their texture. Panko is lighter and airier than bread crumbs.

What are Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs are small, dry particles of bread. They can be used for topping casseroles, breading, thickening stews, making crunchy and crisp coverings for fried food, etc. There are two types of bread crumbs: dried bread crumbs and fresh bread crumbs. Dried bread crumbs are made from dried bread which has been roasted or baked to remove the moisture. The crumbs made by using fresh bread are not quite dry. So, the crumbs are larger, and they are also used for softer covering or stuffing.

Main Difference - Bread Crumbs vs Panko

What is Panko

Panko is a type of bread crumb, which is used in Japanese cuisine. Although it has been used traditionally in Asian cuisine, the western cuisine is widely using it now. Panko is airier, lighter and crispier than bread crumbs. So it absorbs less oil and grease, which makes it ideal for fried food. It is traditionally used for deep fried foods like tonkatsu.

Panko is typically made from white bread although breadcrumbs can be made from any type of bread. There are basically two types of panko: white panko and tan panko. White panko is made from the white bread without any crust whereas tan panko is made from the entire loaf of bread.

Panko cannot be made easily at home like bread crusts. But it is available in stores. Panko available in shops are unflavored, and no seasoning has been used.

Difference Between Bread Crumbs and Panko

Difference Between Bread Crumbs and Panko


Bread Crumbs are small particles of bread.

Panko is a type of bread crumbs.


Bread Crumbs are not as light, crispy or airy as panko.

Panko is lighter, crispier and airier than bread crumbs.

Type of bread

Bread Crumbs can be made from any type of bread.

Panko is made from white bread.


Bread Crumbs can be easily made at home.

Panko cannot be made at home.

Type of Cuisine

Bread Crumbs are used in many types of cuisines.

Panko comes from traditionally Japanese cuisine.Difference Between Bread Crumbs and Panko- infographic

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