Difference Between Build and Built

Main Difference – Build vs Built       

Build and built are two forms of the same verb. Build means to construct something by putting pieces or parts together. Build is the present tense of the verb and built is the past and the past participle of build. This is the main difference between build and built.

Build vs Built – Meaning and Usage

Build is an irregular verb meaning to construct something. It can be used both transitively and intransitively. Build can be used as the present tense of the verb as well as the noun. As a noun, build refers to the proportions of a person’s or animal’s body or a style of construction. However, built cannot be used as a noun. It can only be used as the past tense and the past participle of build. Therefore, the main difference between build and built is that build refers to an action in the present or future whereas built refers to an action in the past.

The following examples will help you to distinguish the difference between build and built more clearly.


He wanted to build a mansion.

He can build a house in no time.

The car’s impressive build surprised many of us.

We decided to build a new room for storage.

The construction firm plans to build a shopping mall.

You need permission of the town council to build anything on this land.

He decided to build a water tank in his land.

He has the ideal built for a swimmer.

Difference Between Build and Built


Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his wife.

The children built sandcastles on the beach.

This house was built before my grandmother’s death.

This monument was built in the 17th century.

This car was built in Germany.

The birds have built a nest on our chimney.

The building was built in 1938.

His theory is built on the basic principles of gravity.

Main Difference - Build vs Built

Difference Between Build and Built       


Build is the present tense of the verb.

Built is the past and the past participial form of the verb.


Build refers to the present.

Built refers to the past.


Build is a noun and a verb.

Built is a verb.      Difference Between Build and Built - infographic

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