Difference Between Capital and Capitol

Main Difference – Capital vs Capitol

Capital and capitol are another set of homophones that are commonly confused by many English speakers and writers. Though separated by just one letter, capital and capitol have different meanings. The main difference between capital and capitol is that capitol is a building housing a legislative assembly. Capital has many other meanings. Let us first look at the meanings of these two words separately.

Capital – Meaning and Usage

Capital has various meanings. Some of them are explained below with examples. As a noun, capital can refer to,

A city that functions as the seat of the government for a country or a state

Madrid is the capital of Spain.

Farmers all over the country marched to the capital.

 A city or town associated with a particular activity or product than any other city

Paris is the capital of fashion.

Hollywood is considered to be the movie capital of the world.

An amount of money or property

Did you invest capital in her business?

Rates of return on invested capital were high.

An uppercase letter

Please write your name in capitals.

Proper nouns, as well as sentences, must always start in capitals.

As an adjective, capital can refer to,


One of his capital theories is based on existentialist theories.

Her capital concern was their safety.

Liable to the death penalty

People protested against the restoration of the capital punishment. 

Although he was charged with a capital offense, the defendant pleaded guilty.

Difference Between Capital and Capitol

Paris is the capital of France.

Capitol – Meaning and Usage

The term capitol refers to a building or set of buildings where state legislature meets. But Capitol (with the capital C) always refers to the seat of the United States Congress. It is situated on top of the Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Since this second meaning is a name of a place, Capitol becomes a proper noun and should always be written in capital letters.

The hearing was held yesterday in the South wing of the Capitol.

Legislators appear at the state capitol every year.

Peter lives close to the capitol.

The temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill in ancient Rome was also known as the Capitol.

Main Difference - Capital vs Capitol

United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC

Difference Between Capital and Capitol


Capital has numerous meanings. Capital can refer to,

-a city or town that is the seat of the government

-an amount of money or property

-uppercase letters

-major or main etc.

Capitol is the seat of United States Congress. A capitol is a building housing a legislative assembly.

Grammatical Category

Capital is a noun and an adjective.

Capitol is a noun.


Capital is often used to describe a city or town.

Capitol is a name of a place.

Capital letters

Capital doesn’t start with capital letters unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.

Capitol is (the seat of United States Congress) is a proper noun, and, therefore, starts with a capital letter.Difference Between Capital and Capitol - infographic

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