Difference Between Castration and Vasectomy

The main difference between castration and vasectomy is that castration is irreversible whereas vasectomy is reversible.

Castration and vasectomy are surgical procedures that cause male sterility. Castration involves the removal of the entire testicles. This stops the production of sperms, and testosterone, the male reproductive hormone. Vasectomy is cutting out a small piece of vas deferens, sealing the ends. It prevents the sperms being ejected from the penis while maintaining the hormone level as it is.

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1. What is Castration
     – Definition, Procedure, Effect
2. What is Vasectomy
     – Definition, Procedure, Effect
3. What are the Similarities Between Castration and Vasectomy
     – Outline of Common Features
4. What is the Difference Between Castration and Vasectomy
     – Comparison of Key Differences

Key Terms: Castration, Testicles, Testosterone, Vas Deferens, Vasectomy

Difference Between Castration and Vasectomy - Comparison Summary

What is Castration

Castration refers to the removal of testicles of a male animal. It is a type of neutering which involves the surgical removal of the reproductive system of an animal completely or to a greater extent. Castration is also called gonadectomy. The excision of both testes is clinically called bilateral orchiectomy. Chemically driven castration uses pharmaceutical drugs that deactivate the testes. Reproductive organs of a bull is shown in figure 1.

Difference Between Castration and Vasectomy

Figure 1: Animal Castration

The main purpose of castration is to prevent overpopulation. Since castration involves removal of testicles, sperms, as well as testosterone, are no longer produced. Testosterone is responsible for most of the aggressive behavior of male animals. Therefore, these animals become calm after castration.    

What is Vasectomy

Vasectomy refers to the surgical cutting and sealing of a part of vas deferens. The vas deferens is the tube through which sperms travel from the testicles to the prostate gland. Hence, the blockage of the vas deferens prevents the sperms from leaving the testicles. Vasectomy is mainly done in males. The surgical blockage of the Fallopian tubes of females is known as tubectomy

Main Difference - Castration and Vasectomy

Figure 2: Vasectomy

The production of sperms remains as it is inside the testicles. However, since they have no way to come out, they are absorbed by the body. The production of testosterone is also not disturbed in vasectomy. Hence, vasectomy is a 100% effective method of male sterility that prevents pregnancy.

Similarities Between Castration and Vasectomy

  • Both castration and vasectomy are surgical procedures that cause male sterility.
  • Both prevent the ejection of sperms from the penis.
  • Both aid in birth control.

Difference Between Castration and Vasectomy


Castration: Removal of testicles of a male animal

Vasectomy: Surgical cutting and sealing of a part of vas deferens

Surgical Procedure

Castration: Removal of testicles

Vasectomy: Cutting out vas deferens, sealing the two ends

Sperms and Hormones

Castration: Not produced

Vasectomy: Produced


Castration: Become asexual and lose masculinity

Vasectomy: Sexuality remains as it is


Castration: Irreversible

Vasectomy: Reversible

Done in

Castration: Animals

Vasectomy: Humans as well as animals


Castration is the surgical removal of testicles while vasectomy is cutting out of the vas deferens. Both are methods that lead to male sterility. Castration is irreversible whereas vasectomy is a reversible process. Only animals are subjected to castration. But, vasectomy is done in both humans and animals. The main difference between castration and vasectomy is the reversibility of each process.


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