Difference Between Coffee Pods and Capsules

Main Difference – Coffee Pods vs Capsules

Coffee pods and capsules are single-serve coffee containers. A single serve coffee container is a method of brewing enough coffee for a single portion. This method simplifies the brewing process and minimizes the time needed to brew coffee. With this method, there is no need to measure out portions, flavorings, and additives. There are many types of single-serve coffee containers such as coffee pods, capsules, coffee pads and coffee bags. In this article, we are looking at coffee pods and capsules. The main difference between coffee pods and capsules is that coffee pod has a paper package whereas coffee capsule has an aluminum or plastic package.

What is Coffee pod

A coffee pod is a round pod placed into a filter to have a brewed coffee. Coffee pods also have their own filter. Generally, seven grams of roasted ground coffee is compressed inside a two-sided disk-shaped paper pod to make a coffee pod. The coffee is also packed in single doses.

Since coffee pods are made from paper, it can be easily disposed of. So, there is minimal environmental pollution. Coffee pods can be used with almost all coffee machines that use a portafilter. Coffee pods are available from major coffee brands like Lavazza, Easy Serving Espresso Pod, and Illy.Main Difference - Coffee Pods vs Capsules

What is a Coffee capsule

A coffee capsule is a cylindrical vacuum packed capsule. Here, coffee is packed in a plastic or aluminum package instead of a paper filter. The capsule has a foil top. Coffee capsules are vacuumed packed to avoid external agents such as oxygen and heat.

A coffee capsule is usually designed to be used with a single brand or system. Therefore, not all capsules fit all capsule machines.  For example, Nespresso capsules are only compatible with Nespresso Machines.
Difference Between Coffee Pods and Capsules

Difference Between Coffee Pods and Capsules


Coffee Pods are round pods placed into a filter to have a brewed coffee.

Coffee Capsules are cylindrical vacuum packed capsules.

Type of Package

Coffee Pods are packaged using paper.

Coffee Capsules are packaged using aluminum or plastic.


Coffee Pods are packed in single doses.

Coffee Capsules are vacuumed packed.


Coffee Pods are compatible with many machines that have a portafilter.

Coffee Capsules are not compatible with all machines.

Difference Between Coffee Pods and Capsules - infographic

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