Difference Between Cord and Chord

Main Difference – Cord vs Chord

Cord and chord are two words that often confuse many English speakers due to their identical pronunciation. Although chord is written with an ‘h’, both ‘co’ and ‘cho’ in these two words are pronounced as /kɔː/. The term chord is mainly used in particular fields such as music and mathematics whereas cord is something that we use in common usage. The main difference between cord and chord is that cord is a rope or string whereas chord is a group of notes.

Cord – Meaning and Usage

Cord is a noun that refers to a string, rope or cable which is used to attach, connect, bind, tie or support. The term cord is also used when we are referring to certain anatomical structures such as spinal cord, vocal cord, umbilical cord, etc. Cord is also used as a verb. The verb refers to the act of attaching a cord to something.

The victim’s hands were tied with a long cord.

The baby was still attached to the mother by the cord.

Take that cord and attached it to the nail.

The doctor detected an abnormal growth at the base of his spinal cord.

I corded a silk ribbon to the waist of the dress.

Difference Between Cord and Chord

Chord – Meaning and Usage

Chord is a musical term which refers to a group of three or more notes sounded together. Chord can also be used a verb. This verb mostly occurs in the progressive or continuous form. Chording refers to playing, singing, or arranging notes in chords.

The opening chord of the song itself filled the audience with awe.

Robert struck the first chord of the prelude.

It is important to note that chord also has a completely different meaning in mathematics, aeronautics, and engineering. In these fields, chord becomes a technical term.

In mathematics, a chord is a straight line joining the ends of an arc.

In engineering, chord refers to the each of the two principal members of a truss.

In aeronautics, chord is the width of an aerofoil from leading to trailing edge.    

Chord can also refer to strings on a musical instrument.

You might have heard of phrases like ‘strike a chord’, ‘touch a chord’ etc. before. These phrases have figurative meanings. Both these phrases mean ‘to appeal or to arouse emotions in others’.

Main Difference - Cord vs Chord

Difference Between Cord and Chord


Cord is a string, rope or cable which is used to attach, connect, bind, tie or support.

Chord, in music, is a group of three or more notes sounded together.

Different Fields

Cord can be used to refer to an anatomical structure.

Chord has different meanings in engineering, mathematics, aeronautics, etc.

Grammatical Categories

Cord can be used as a noun and verb.

Chord can be used as a noun and verb.Difference Between ord and Chord- infographic

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