Difference Between Creative Writing and Fiction Writing

Main Difference – Creative Writing vs Fiction Writing

Creative writing and fiction writing are two types of writing that are vastly different from academic, scientific, or technical writing. These two types of writing require special talent and creativity. The term creative writing can be used to any type of writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, academic, journalistic, or technical forms of writing. Fiction writing, however, is a sub-genre of creative writing that involves imaginative narration or literature. The main difference between creative writing and fiction writing is that creative writing can include both fiction and nonfiction whereas fiction writing includes fiction – works that involve imaginary people and events.Difference Between Creative Writing and Fiction Writing - infographic

What is Creative Writing

Creative writing can be broadly defined as any type of writing that is written with creativity. Various techniques and features such as narrative style, character development, diction, emphasis on emotions and feelings, imagery, etc. separate creative writing from other types of writing such as journalistic, academic, professional and technical forms of writing. Characters, settings, themes, motifs, dialogues, plot, style and point of view are the main elements of creative writing.

“Creative” doesn’t just refer to fiction – it doesn’t mean making up imaginary events or characters. Creative writing can include both fiction and nonfiction. Literary works such as novels, plays, poetry, biographies, short stories, and memoirs all fall under the category of creative writing. Feature stories in magazines or newspaper, which are about real events and real people, also fall into the category of creative writing.

Main Difference - Creative Writing vs Fiction Writing

What is Fiction Writing

Fiction can be defined as any story that is created in the imagination. Since they are created in imagination, they are not real stories. Therefore, fiction writing refers to writing stories using your imagination. Fiction is a subcategory of creative writing.  Novels, novellas, short stories, and dramas are some examples of fiction writing. However, memoirs, biographies, and feature stories, which fall under the category of creative writing, are not fiction since they are about real people and real events.

Difference Between Creative Writing and Fiction Writing

Difference Between Creative Writing and Fiction Writing


Creative Writing: Creative Writing can be defined as any type of writing that is written with creativity.

Fiction Writing: Fiction Writing can be defined as writing that involves imaginary events and characters.

Fiction vs Nonfiction

Creative Writing: Both fiction and nonfiction fall under creative writing.

Fiction Writing: Fiction writing does not involve real events or people.


Creative Writing: Novels, dramas, poetry, memoirs, autobiographies, feature stories, etc. are examples of creative writing.

Fiction Writing: Novels, dramas, short stories are examples of fiction writing.

Imagination vs Creativity

Creative Writing: Creative Writing does not require imagination.

Fiction Writing: Fiction Writing involves both creativity and imagination.

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