Difference Between Crepe and Pancake

Main Difference – Crepe vs. Pancake

Pancake can be described is a thin, flat cake of batter that is fried and topped or filled with a sweet or a savory. Crepe is a type of pancake that was originated in France. The main difference between crepe and pancake is that pancake is more thick and fluffy than a crepe. This is mainly because we use raising agents like baking soda in pancakes. This article will first look at the two food items separately and then move on to the difference between crepe and pancake.

What is Crep

A crepe is a type of very thin pancake which originated in Brittany, the northwest region of France. The basic ingredients include flour, eggs, butter, and milk. They can be served with a variety of fillings including both sweet and savory flavors.

The sweet crepes are usually made with wheat flour while savory crepes are made with non-wheat flour such as buckwheat. Savory crepes are usually served for lunch or dinner, and common fillings include cheese, ham and eggs, mushrooms, ratatouille, etc. The savory filling is usually added to the middle of the crepe, and its edges are partially folded over the center. Sweet crepe is typically served for breakfast or dessert. They can be filled or topped with various sweet toppings including lemon juice, maple syrup, granulated sugar, Nutella spread, jam, fresh fruits, etc.Main Difference - Crepe and Pancake

What is Pancake

A pancake is a thin and round shaped flat cake that is made from a starch-based batter. The basic ingredients of a pancake usually include flour, eggs, milk, butter and a leavening agent. The batter made of these ingredients is then spread and cooked on a hot surface like a frying pan.

They can be used with a variety of fillings and fillings including jam, syrup, fruits, etc. Pancakes are usually topped or filled with sweet ingredients and therefore, it is often considered to be a breakfast dish. However, the preparation and the ingredients of pancakes vary according to different regions and cultures. For example, there are many varieties of pancakes, made of different ingredients. Some examples include dosa, cheela, uttapam, appam, etc.

According to historians, pancakes are one of the earliest and most widespread cereal-derived foods eaten by prehistoric men. Pancakes are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day, in Britain and commonwealth countries.Difference Between Crepe and Pancake

Difference Between Crepe and Pancake


Crepe was originated in Brittany, France.

Pancake was one of the earliest cereal foods in prehistoric societies.

Basic Ingredients

Crepe is basically made of flour, eggs, butter and milk

Pancake is basically made of flour, eggs, butter and a raising agent like baking soda.

Raising Agent

Raising agents are not added to crepes.

Raising agents are often used in pancakes.


Crepes are thinner than pancakes.

Pancakes are thicker than crepes.


Crepes can be served as breakfast, lunch, dinner or desserts.

Pancakes are usually served as breakfast.


Crepe is more popular in France and many other European countries, North Africa and the Southern Cone of South America. 

Different varieties of pancakes are consumed all over the world.Difference Between crepe and pancake - infographic

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