Difference Between Dachshund and Dotson

Main Difference – Dachshund vs Dotson

Dachshund and Dotson are two names used for the same dog breed. There is absolutely no difference between Dachshund and Dotson. Dachshunds are a type of hound dog breed, originally bred to hunt badgers and other small tunneling animals like rabbits and foxes. Today they have become a very popular dog breed owing to their companionship and versatility. These dogs are excellent family companions, show dogs, and small-game hunters. Dachshunds were first bred in Germany. The German name ‘Dachshund’ means the badger dog. Dachshunds are short little dogs with a long body and short legs. Because of their body shape, Dachshunds are often called as ‘Sausage dogs.’ These dogs have three kinds of coats; wire hair, short hair, or long hair. Their coats can be in lustrous shades of black, chocolate, cream, boar, tan, dapple, piebald, and burnished. These dogs are bred in two sizes; standard dachshunds and miniature dachshunds. Standard dachshunds and miniature dachshunds are about 10 inches and 6 inches in height respectively. Dachshunds are not easy to train and often show stubborn behaviors. Despite this, these adorable dogs are well known for their loving affection, loyalty, and high intelligence. Therefore, Dachshunds are highly recommended as faithful companions and pet dogs. Dachshunds can weigh between 16-32 lbs, but can get overweight due to lack of exercise. The female dachshund can have 4-8 puppies at a time. Their lifespan is around 12-15 years. They have an extremely good sense of smell and can be territorial. They can be good watchdogs because they have a loud bark and they can be quite aggressive at strangers.

Dotson is just a name that has been mistakenly used instead of dachshund.

Difference Between Dachshund and Dotson

Dachshund – Facts, Characteristics, and Behavior

Dachshund is the proper name used for the dog breed originally bred in Germany. In German, the term dachshund means badger dog. Dachshunds have short, long bodies with short legs. Their body resembles a sausage, hence called sausage dogs. Dachshunds were initially bred as badger dogs and burrowers. But lately due to great companionship and intelligence, Dachshunds are now popular as pet dogs in many parts of the world.

Dotson – Facts, Characteristics, and Behavior

People often use Dotson for original dog breed Dachshund. The word ‘Dachshund’ is actually pronounced as ‘docsun’. Because of this reason, dachshund is often misspelled and pronounced as Dotson, which is incorrect. However, both terms are now used for these popular dog breed.

Difference Between Dachshund and Dotson

  • Dachshund is the correct name, whereas Dotson is incorrect and misspelled.
  • Both terms are however used for the same dog breed.

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