Difference Between Declarative and Imperative

Main Difference – Declarative vs Imperative

A sentence can be categorized into four types based on their functions. These four categories are known as declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. In this article, we are going to focus our attention on declarative sentences, imperative sentences and the differences between them. The main difference between declarative and imperative sentences lies in their functions; declarative sentences relay information and facts whereas imperative sentences issue commands or orders.

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1. What is a Declarative Sentence – Grammar, Function, Usage, and Examples

2. What is an Imperative Sentence – Grammar, Function, Usage, and Examples

3. Difference Between Declarative and Imperative – Comparison of Grammar, Function and UsageDifference Between Declarative and Imperative - Declarative vs. Imperative Comparison Summary

What is a Declarative Sentence

A declarative sentence is a statement that conveys information, facts, opinions, and ideas. This is the most common sentence type found in the language. Books, reports, essays, articles, etc. are composed mainly of declarative sentences. In fact, this article is also mainly composed of declarative sentences. A declarative sentence always ends in a full stop. Given below are some examples of declarative sentences.

The girl refused to admit her fault.

The dogs barked at the moon.

Jim worked hard, but he failed the exam.

She performed for hours; the audience went wild.

He laughed.

He will tell nothing but the truth.

Bengal tigers are one of the commonest tiger species.

As seen from these examples, a declarative sentence is basically composed of a subject and a predicate.

Declarative sentences can have different lengths. They can also come in three formats known as simple, compound and complex sentences.

Main Difference - Declarative vs Imperative

The child is playing with the cat.

What is an Imperative Sentence

Imperative sentences are sentences that act as commands, demands, and orders. Their main function is issuing commands and requesting. Imperative sentences are typically short; they can be as short as one word. They can be punctuated with a full stop or an exclamation mark. The use of the punctuation depends on the intensity and strength of the order. Given below are some examples of imperative sentences.

Close the door.

Come here, look at this dress and tell me what you think.


Do not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Take me to the hospital.


You must have noticed the absence of the subject in the above examples. The subject is only implied in imperative sentences; it is not explicitly stated. However, the subject is always the second person personal pronoun ‘you’.

Difference Between Declarative and Imperative

Difference Between Declarative and Imperative


Declarative sentences relay information, opinions, and facts.

Imperative sentences issue commands and requests.


Declarative sentences end with a full stop.

Imperative sentences can end with a full stop or exclamation mark.


Declarative sentences are at least two words long.

Imperative sentences can consist of one verb.


Declarative sentences are made of a subject and a predicate.

Imperative sentences do not explicitly state a subject.

Agreement of the Subject

Declarative sentences can have different subjects.

Imperative sentences always have the second person pronoun ‘you’.

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