Difference Between Deemed University and University

Main Difference – Deemed University vs University

A university is an institute of higher education and research which offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various fields. A deemed university or a deemed-to-be-university is a type of university found only in India; it is an institute of  higher education which has been granted the status of a university by the Department of Higher Education on the advice of University Grants Commission under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956. The main difference between deemed university and university is that deemed universities are only found in India whereas universities can be found in many countries of the world.

What is a University

A university is an institute of higher education and research which offers academic degrees in various disciplines. A student can peruse both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a university. A university awards both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. A university is generally divided into academic departments, schools, and faculties. The head of such a department of faculty is called a dean. The organization and funding of universities vary according to different countries. In some countries, universities are mainly funded by the state. Some universities are privately funded and are independent of state policies to a certain extent. Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Cambridge are some of the most famous and prestigious universities in the world.

Difference Between Deemed University and University

The University of Bologna is the oldest University in history.

What is a Deemed University

A deemed university or deemed-to-be-university is a type of university only found in India. In India, universities are recognized by the University Grant Commission which draws its power from the University Grants Commission Act, 1956. The central government of India, on the advice of the University Grants Commission, can declare an institute of higher education which has high standards in a specific area of study as a deemed university. These institutes offer education and research facilities in various disciplines such as forest research, dairy research, maritime education, yoga, information technology, and medical education.

A deemed university is originally an institute or a department which is afflated to a main university. For example, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management which received the status of deemed university in 2007 was affiliated to Andhra University. Deemed university is a status of autonomy granted upon the university by the Department of Higher Education of India. This status autonomy allows the university to select its own courses, syllabus, admissions, and fees; the parent university cannot control the administration of a deemed university. Many deemed universities also have the power to award degrees under their own names as well.

Indian Institute of Science which was granted the status of a deemed university in 1958, was the first ever deemed university in India. There are deemed universities in 18 states (of total 28 states) and three union territories. Tamilnadu, which has 28 deemed universities, is the state with the highest number of deemed universities. According to 2010 statistics, there are 165 deemed universities in India.

Main Difference - Deemed University vs University

The Indian Institute of Science, the first institute in India to be granted deemed university status.

Difference Between Deemed University and University


Deemed university is a status of autonomy granted to high performing  institutes and departments of various universities.

University is an institute of higher education and research which offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various fields.


Deemed Universities are only found in India.

Universities are found in many countries.

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