Difference Between Defence and Defense

Main Difference – Defence vs Defense

You might have often wondered about the difference between defence and defense. The difference between defence and defense lies in their spelling. Defense is preferred in American English whereas defence is preferred in English and other varieties of English such as Canadian, Australian and Indian. This is the main difference between defence and defense.

Defence and Defense – Meaning and Usage

Defense/ defence is a noun; it mainly refers to the action of defending from or resisting attack. These terms are derived from the Latin term defensum. Defend is also commonly used in military, legal and sports fields. The case presented by or on behalf of the party accused of a crime or being sued in a civil lawsuit is also known as a defense. In sports, the action or role of defending one’s goal or wicket against the opposition is known as defense. The following examples will help you to understand the meaning of defense/defence. (Both nouns are used interchangeably in the examples.)

The professor came to the defense of the accused student.

The castle’s defences were not good enough to stop the enemy.

The defense has no chance to win the case.

The soldiers put up a good defense.

The defence presented the case powerfully.

Defense is coping well despite heavy pressure.Difference Between Defence and Defense

Summary – Defence vs Defense

  • There is no difference between defence and defense except in their spelling and usage.
  • Defence is the preferred spelling in British English and other varieties such as Australian, Canadian, English, etc.
  • Defense is preferred in American English.

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