Difference Between Double and Twin Room

Main Difference – Double vs Twin Room

Double room or twin room are two terms we often come across when we are booking hotel rooms. Many travelers get confused about the difference between double and twin room since both twin and double mean two. Both double room and twin room can accommodate two people, but the sleeping arrangements in the rooms are different. A double room will have one large bed whereas a twin room will have two separate beds. This is the main difference between double and twin room.Difference Between Double and Twin Room - infographic

What is a Double Room

A double room is a room that can accommodate two people. A double room has a large bed spacious enough for two people. This bed is usually a full bed or double bed. A double room can also have a queen sized, or king sized bed. Double rooms are usually preferred by couples; hence, they are also known as “matrimonial beds.”

It is also important to know that some hotels might use the term double bed to refer to rooms with two single beds. Therefore, it is always better to check with the hotel to avoid confusion.

Difference Between Double and Twin Room

What is a Twin Room

A twin room can also accommodate two people. The difference between double and twin room is that twin room has two separate beds so that the two people can sleep apart. The two beds in this room are usually smaller than the bed in the double room. Twin rooms usually have single beds. A single bed is usually about 90 cm wide and 190 cm long.

 These are usually preferred by friends or relatives traveling together. For example, if a family with two kids is traveling, the parents would take a double room and the children would take the twin room.

Main Difference - Double vs Twin Room

Difference Between Double and Twin Room


Double Rooms have one bed spacious enough for two.

Twin Rooms have two beds.


Double Rooms have a double bed.

Twin Rooms have two single beds.


Double Rooms are preferred by couples.

Twin Rooms are preferred by friends.

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