Difference Between Dutch Shepherd King Shepherd and German Shepherd

Main Difference – Dutch Shepherd vs King Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Dutch shepherd, king shepherd and German shepherd were bred as shepherd dogs but they are not used as working dogs in many countries. However, all three breeds are well known as pet or family dogs due to their loyal and obedient behavior towards their owners. Both Dutch shepherd and king shepherd share many similar features of a German shepherd. All three breeds come in different coat varieties, colors and sizes. The main difference between Dutch Shepherd King Shepherd and German Shepherd is their origins; Dutch Shepherds were first bred in the Netherlands and King Shepherds were bred in the United States whereas German Shepherds, as their name implies, originates from Germany.  

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1. Dutch Shepherd
– Facts, Features, Behavior
2. King Shepherd
– Facts, Features, Behavior
3. German Shepherd
– Facts, Features, Behavior
4. What is the difference between Dutch Shepherd King Shepherd and German Shepherd

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Dutch Shepherd – Facts, Features, Behaviour

The Dutch Shepherd is available in three varieties: longhaired, shorthaired and wirehaired. The height of an adult dog is about 21-24 inches and it weighs around 50-70 lbs. The first Dutch Shepherds were bred in the Netherlands and used as shepherds dogs to watch over flocks of sheep. Dutch shepherds are excellent watch and guard dogs. Moreover, they are well known for their affectionate, loyal, energetic and enthusiastic behavior. Hence, this breed is now being used as guide dogs for disabled people and as search and tracking dogs. This breed is intelligent and easy to train. Because of this ability, this breed is used in police work and rescue training. Dutch shepherds are obedient and can stay with other dog breeds.

Difference Between Dutch Shepherd, King Shepherd and German Shepherd

Figure 1: Gold-brindle, long-hair Dutch Shepherd

King Shepherd –  Facts, Features, Behaviour

King shepherd is a cross between German Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd dogs. This breed was first made in the USA in the 1990s. An adult King Shepherd has a height between 25-29 inches and weigh between 90-150 lbs. The typical lifespan of this dog is around 10-11 years. These energetic breeds are well known for their intelligent, protective, loyal and playful behavior. These intelligent dogs can be easily trained. This dog breed loves to play and can live with children. King shepherds are used as both family and working dogs, especially in the police. It is required to brush their coat regularly as they shed their coat frequently. The coat is made up of long hairs that are black and brown in color.

Difference Between Dutch Shepherd, King Shepherd and German Shepherd - 2

Figure 2: Male King Shepherd

German Shepherd – Facts, Features, Behaviour

The German shepherd is one of the best dog breeds in the world and is recognized owing to its courage, loyalty, hard work and intelligence. Because of their outstanding behavior, this dog breed is used by police as a search and guard dog. Apart from that, they are well recognized as family dogs due to their loyal, obedient and affectionate temperament. The breed first appeared in Germany in the 19th century and was used mainly to control flocks of sheep. These dogs are highly obedient to their owners, thus can be trained easily. An adult German Shepherd can weigh between 70-90 lbs and has a height of 22-26 inches. These dogs come in a combination of various colors including tan and black, red and black and solid black. Coat type may vary from short to longhaired. This dog breed is among the top breeds that are gentle with children. The lifespan is around 12-14 years.

Main Difference - Dutch Shepherd, King Shepherd vs German Shepherd

Figure 3: German Shepherd

Difference Between Dutch Shepherd King Shepherd and German Shepherd


Dutch Shepherd: Dutch Shepherds were first bred in the Netherlands.

King Shepherd: King Shepherds were first bred in the United States.

German Shepherd: German Shepherds were first bred in Germany.


Dutch Shepherd: They live 13-15 years.

King ShepherdThey live 10-11 years.

German Shepherd:  They live 12-14 years.

Weight of an Adult Male

Dutch Shepherd: An adult male weighs 50-70 lbs.

King Shepherd: An adult male weighs 90-150 lbs.

German Shepherd: An adult male weighs 70-90 lbs.

Height of an Adult Male 

Dutch Shepherd: They have a height of 21-24 inches.

King Shepherd: They have a height of 25-29 inches.

German Shepherd: They have a height of 22-26 inches.

Coat Type

Dutch Shepherd: Dutch shepherds have a longhaired, shorthaired or wirehaired coat.

King Shepherd: King shepherds have a long haired coat. 

German Shepherd: German shepherds have a longhaired and shorthaired coat.

Coat Color

Dutch Shepherd: The coat may be shades of gold and silver (gold can vary from light sand to chestnut red).

King Shepherd: The coat may be brownish tan with brown or black markings, or grayish silver with black markings and black saddle with tan, gold, cream, tan or silver markings.

German Shepherd: The coat is a combination of tan and black, red and black and solid black.

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