Difference Between Dying and Dieing

Main Difference – Dying vs Dieing

Dying and dieing are two verb forms that many people misuse. Both these verbs are present participles. The verb die (which refers to death) is an irregular verb. Although the formation of present participle includes adding an –ing to the base form of the verb, this rule does not apply to die since it is an irregular verb. Thus, the present participle of die is not dieing. The present participle of die is dying. Dieing is often a misspelling used by many people; however, dieing can also refer to a process of cutting or forming material in a press or a stamping or forging machine. But, this meaning is rarely used in common usage. Thus, the main difference between dying and dieing is that dying is the presnt participle of die whereas dieing is not.

This article covers,

1. The Grammar, Meaning and Usage of the Word Dying

2. The Grammar, Meaning and Usage of the Word Dieing 

3. Difference Between Dying and Dieing 

Dying – Meaning and Usage

Dying is the present participle form of die (to cease to live). This is the verb form you must use if you are talking about death.

These young soldiers are dying for their country.

This plant is dying because you forgot to water it.

He never forgot her dying words.

I’m dying of thirst; please give me something to drink.

I’m dying to meet your family.

Difference Between Dying and Dieing

The plant is dying without water

Dieing – Meaning and Usage

Dieing is usually a misspelling of dying. However, if dieing refers to process of cutting or forming material in a press or a stamping or forging machine, and not to death, it has been correctly used. Since this word not very common, the most words that carry the spelling ‘dieing’ will be misspellings for dying.

Some people also confuse dieing and dying with dyeing. Dying refers to the process of applying dye.

Difference Between Dying and Dieing

  • Dying and dieing are both present participles.
  • Dying is the present participle of die and is always associated with death.
  • Dieing is often a misspelling of dying.
  • However, dieing can refer to the process of cutting or forming material in a press or a stamping or forging machine.

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