Difference Between Education and Training

Main Difference – Education vs Training  

Both education and training are different sides of learning. The main difference between education and training is theory and practice; education is involved with theory whereas training is involved with practical skills. In education, you learn theory; in training, you learn how to apply those theories to practical situations.

What is Education

Education is the acquisition of knowledge through a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. A student receives education at educational institutes such as schools or universities. Education is considered to be a basic human right, and it is an essential component to the development of society.

The term education is often associated with formal education: primary, secondary and tertiary education. In formal education, the students are taught by an educator according to a set curriculum. The students mostly learn theories in this type of education, very little is taught about the practical use of these theories. The students also do not get to apply what they have learned to practical situations. For example, a student might learn a language, but you may not get the chance to talk to native speakers of the language. 

But it is important to know that you cannot a start training, without knowing anything about the field. This is where education comes to your use. It is education that gives you the necessary knowledge and theory that can be used in practical situations.Difference Between Education and Training

What is Training

Training is the action of teaching or learning practical skills or type of behavior. Training is usually received through specialized courses that target practical skills. Carpentry, medicine, accounting, plumbing, marketing, computer programming are some of the fields where you receive training. Training improves your employability since it teaches you practical skills that are needed for your profession.

But it is also important to note that training cannot be received without an education. A basic education is a must in any training.

Main Difference - Education vs Training

Military training

Difference Between Education and Training  


Education is the acquisition of knowledge through a process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.

Training is the action of teaching or learning practical skills or type of behavior.


In education, you learn theories.

In training, you learn how to apply these theories in practice.

Academic vs Vocational

Education is academic.

Training is professional or vocational.


Education is necessary in order to complete a training.

Training cannot be received without a basic education.Difference Between Education and Training - infographic

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