Difference Between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education

Main Difference – Educational Sociology vs Sociology of Education

Sociology is the scientific study of human society. There are so many subfields in Sociology. Sociology of Education is one such sub-field of Sociology. In sociology of education, one learns about the effects of government and individual behaviors on the field of education. Educational Sociology, on the other hand, can be described as the application of sociological findings in order to solve the problems in the field of education. This is the main difference between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education.

This article explores,

1. What is Educational Sociology?
     – Definition, Features, Characteristics

2. What is Sociology of Education?
     – Definition, Features, Characteristics   

3. What is the difference between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education?Difference Between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education - Comparison Summary

What is Sociology of Education

Education is one of the most important aspects of any society as it guides the new generation to accept the social order and to continue it. As Sociology mainly focuses on the human society, education has been one of its major concerns. It is said that Emile Durkheim was the pioneer who started the systematic study of Sociology of Education. This field primarily focuses on how the public sector and individual experiences affect the improvement and continuing of the education field. Though there is so much of private sector intervention in education, this study area emphasizes on the public sector involvement. Furthermore, this studies the expansion of the education field to the higher, tertiary, vocational, and adult education. Sociology of Education views education as an attempt for betterment through effort, aspirations, and progress. Since education is one of the major concerns in any society, it is a necessary and fundamental sub-field of Sociological analysis.

Difference Between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education

What is Educational Sociology

This term more or less refers to the above-described concept though there are minor differences. Educational Sociology basically deals with the application of sociological findings in the field of education and this is mostly connected with research work. Here, education is seen as a social institution with a process and there are some specific functions related to this institution of education. Educational sociology provides suggestions and methods in order to improve the quality of education field and these are usually based on deep research analyses done on the particular society’s culture, values and norms. Through these studies, education scientists find it easy to prepare for future challenges and to plan new activities for the field’s improvement. Thus, Educational Sociology involves a deep examination for the field of education and this mostly benefits the people who are engaged in the field of education.

Difference Between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education


Sociology of Education is the study of how public institutes and experience of people affect the field of education and its outcomes.

Educational Sociology is the application of Sociological findings on education.

Theory vs Practice

Sociology of Education is mostly a theoretical field.

Educational Sociology includes more practical implications.


Sociology of Education: More emphasis is on the achievements or end results of the education on an individual.

Educational Sociology:  This emphasizes on how education could be improved through research work and try to find new plans and activities for future benefit.

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