Difference Between Egg Roll and Spring Roll

Main Difference – Egg Roll vs. Spring Roll

The terms Egg Roll and Spring Roll are often used interchangeably in the English language as they both refer to a kind of a filled and rolled appetizer. Knowing the difference between egg roll and spring roll can help you to experience the Asian cuisine better.

Spring rolls are a popular food item in the East and Southeast Asian cuisine while the term egg roll is used to introduce a variety of fried food with a filling. However, the main difference between egg roll and spring roll can be identified in their filling and wrapping. Egg roll filling typically contains meat like chicken or pork, and vegetables like carrots and cabbages while spring rolls are made with only vegetables. However, it should be noted that the wrapper, filling, cooking techniques as well as the name of these rolls vary according to country and culture.

What is an Egg Roll

The term egg roll refers to different fried food that involves a filling wrapped in flat bread. In this article, we are talking about the egg rolls in American Chinese cuisine. This roll is derived from the Chinese spring roll even though its origins are considered to be American. This is a fried, savory dish served as an appetizer in restaurants.

Egg rolls are made of meat such as pork or chicken and chopped vegetables like carrot and cabbage. The wrapper of the roll is made out of flour dough, and this dough is dipped in egg or basted with an egg wash before frying. Egg rolls can be also baked instead of deep frying.Difference Between Egg Roll and Spring Roll

What is a Spring Roll

Spring Roll is an appetizer in the East Asian and Southeastern Asian cuisine. In this article, we are talking about the spring rolls in the Chinese cuisine. The term spring roll is said to be derived from the fact they are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in China.

Spring roll is a savory roll filled with vegetables. The outside of the roll is sometimes made of a rice-based wrapper. The rise paper is mostly used in Vietnamese style spring rolls.

The wrapping is made thin, and the filling often contains cabbages and other vegetables. However, there is no strict rule saying that the filling should be vegetables; some spring rolls contain ingredients like pork or shrimp. Spring rolls can be fried or non-fried.

Fried spring rolls are usually small and crisp. They can be either sweet or savory. The non-fried spring rolls are savory and typically bigger in size. They are mostly filled with precooked ingredients.Main Difference - Egg Roll and Spring Roll

Difference Between Egg Roll and Spring Roll


Egg Roll is a fusion dish, commonly seen in American Chinese cuisine.

Spring Roll belongs to East Asian and Southeast Asian Cusine.


Egg roll is filled with meat and vegetables.

Spring roll is usually filled with only vegetables.

Cooking Technique

Egg roll is deep fried.

Spring roll can be fried or non-fried.


Egg roll wrapping is made of flour dough and is dipped in egg before frying.

Spring roll wrapping is sometimes made of rice flour.


Egg roll has a thicker crust.

Spring roll has a thinner crust.Difference Between egg roll and spring roll - infographic

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