Difference Between Flat White and Latte

Difference Between Flat White and Latte    

Flat white and latte are two types of coffee. Both beverages are made with espresso and hot steamed milk, so it is only natural that many people wonder about the exact difference between flat white and latte. There are varying opinions and debates on their difference, but the main difference between flat white and latte is that flat white has less foam and milk than latte.

What is Flat White

Flat white is a type of coffee which is made using espresso and milk. Flat white was originated in Australia and is a very popular beverage in Australia and New Zealand. During the past few years, flat white has been rapidly gaining the popularity in other countries as well.

But no one quite seems to agree on the difference between latte and flat white. Some coffee shops say that their difference lies in the size whereas some shops say that it is the coffee content that differs. There are varying arguments on this topic. But the basic difference between latte and flat white is that flat white has less milk and less froth than a latte. The milk in flat white is not diluted with foam and is velvety. It’s also very interesting that latte is typically served in glass whereas flat white is usually served in ceramic.

Difference Between Flat White and Latte

What is Latte

Latte is a coffee beverage made with coffee and hot steamed milk. This beverage is supposed to originate from Italy. But today latte is becoming widely popular among coffee lovers, and latte can be found in any coffee shop in the world. A latte typically made with 1/3 espresso and about 2/3 hot milk and this is topped with a layer of foamed milk.  However, latte in Italy does not contain any foamed milk; it is only outside Italy that we see this trend of using foamed milk.

The coffee in the latte can also be replaced with another beverage like tea as well. Latte art, which is the style of pouring steamed milk into the espresso to create a pattern or design on the top of the latte, is also one of the major reasons for its popularity.Main Difference - Flat White vs Latte

Difference Between Flat White and Latte    

Milk and Foam

Flat White has less milk and less foam.

Latte has more foam and milk.


Flat White was originated in Australia.

Latte was originated in Italy.  


Flat White is usually served in a ceramic cup.

Latte is usually served in a glass.


Flat White’s foam is velvety.

Latte’s foam is milky.Difference Between Flat White and Latte -infographic

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