Difference Between Frog and Toad

Main Difference – Frog vs Toad

The terms frog and toad are general non-scientific words use for anurans, a group of amphibians found in almost every kind of habitats, except extremely cold areas and marine habitats. Altogether, there are about 5500 species of frogs and toads, but this group is at risk of extinction due to the rapid destruction of their habitats and climate change. Anurans have moist skin, which acts as a respiratory surface. Hence, they use both terrestrial and aquatic habitats to live. Frog and toads have two pairs of limbs. The body has two prominent areas; head and trunk with no tail. Cloaca is the common chamber into which their alimentary canal, urinary, and reproductive tracts open. Their eyes are protected with eyelids. They show sexual dimorphism and external fertilization. Frogs and toads are oviparous. Though frogs and toads are classified under the same family, some physiological features can be used to differentiate these two groups. The main difference between frog and toad is that the  term frog is commonly used for anurans with relatively smooth skin and very long hind legs, whereas the term toad is used for anurans with stout bodies, rough skin, and short hind legs. This article will focus more on the difference between frog and toad.

Frog – Facts, Characteristics, and Behaviour

Frog is the common name used for anurans with relatively smooth skin and very long hind legs. However, the term ‘true frog’ is used by scientists for members of the family Ranidae, which includes bullfrog and leopard frog. Frogs have very long hind legs when compared to toads. Also their body much slimmer than toads’ body. These two features are good adaptations for leaping and swimming. Some tree frogs can jump very long distances; about 14 feet in a single hop. Frogs usually have green and brown skins, but the skin color may vary among the species. Frogs often lay eggs in clusters.

Difference Between Frog and Toad

Toad – Facts, Characteristics, and Behaviour

Toads are the anurans that have stout bodies with short, but strong hind limbs. Their skin is thick and dry and usually covered with warts. Because of having short limbs, toads tend to walk rather than hop. Unlike frogs, toads can jump short distances due to the presence of short hind limbs. When scientists use the term ‘true toads’, they are referring to the toads categorized under family Bufonidae, which includes oak toads and Flower’s toads. Toads usually lay eggs in chains.

Main Difference - Frog vs Toad

Difference Between Frog and Toad


Frogs have slimmer bodies so that they can swim easily.

Toads have stout bodies.


Frogs have smooth, slimy skin without warts.

Toads have rough, dry skin covered with warts.

Hind legs

Frogs have strong and long hind limbs that enable them to hop longer distances.

Toads have short, strong limbs so they cannot hop long distances, unlike frogs.

Egg laying pattern

Frogs lay eggs in clusters.

Toads lay eggs in chains.

Living habitat

Frogs usually live near water bodies.

Toads usually need shades but they do not always live near water bodies.Difference Between Frog and Toad- infographic

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