Difference Between German Shepherd and Alsatian

Main Difference – German Shepherd vs Alsatian

Both names German Shepherd and Alsatian are referred to the same dog breed. German Shepherds were used in the world war by both Americans and British. However, the British refused to use the word ‘German’. Instead, they used the name ‘Alsatian’. Later on, after the war, they started using the name German Shepherd again. Therefore, the difference between German Shepherd and Alsatian only exists in the name. Today, German Shepherd has become one of the most popular dog breeds owing to their physical and behavioral characteristic features. 

German Shepherd and Alsatian – Facts, Characteristics and Behaviour

It is important to know that Alsatian is just a different name used by British before world war to refer German Shepherd dog breed. German Shepherd were originally bred in Germany in the nineteenth century and presently one of the most intelligent and popular family dogs in the world. They have powerful, muscular wolf-like bodies covered with a dense coat, which is mainly brown with black markings on it. The coat has two layers; a straight outer coat and a dense inner coat. The average adult weighs about 60-85 lbs and 23-25 inches tall. The body is longer than tall with straight front legs and angled back legs. The tail is bushy and sickle-shaped. They have large heads with upright ears and almond-shaped dark eyes. German Shepherds are defined for two traits; high intelligence and high energy, and they are among the most easily trainable dog breeds. They need lots of exercises as they are designed to work. German Shepherds are loyal and courageous, and their learning abilities are impressive. They shed a lot, especially during fall and spring. This dog breed loves to receive rewards from its owner. If it is given what it needs, it is will become a good friend for kids, a fearless guardian and a dedicated companion.

Difference Between German Shepherd and Alsatian

Difference Between German Shepherd and Alsatian

  • Before the world war, British used the name Alsatian instead of German Shepherd.
  • Both German Shepherd and Alsatian are two names used by two different ethnic groups to refer the same dog breed.

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