Difference Between Growth and Development

Main Difference – Growth vs Development

Although many people assume growth and development to be the same, there is a significant difference between growth and development. However, growth is often a part of development. Growth refers to the increase in size and number whereas development refers to an improvement of circumstances. This is the main difference between growth and development.

This article will explore,

1. What Does Growth Mean
         – Definition, Meaning, Features, Examples

2. What Does Development Mean
         – Definition, Meaning, Features, Examples

3. What is the difference between Growth and Development?Difference Between Growth and Development - Comparison Summary

What Does Growth Mean

Growth typically refers to an increase in size or number. This increase is often measurable. For example, a tree can grow. Its growth can be measured from its height. Similarly, an organization can also grow by adding more staff or other organizations to it. Profit of a company can also grow. For more examples, look at the following sentences.

Everyone was amazed at the growth of the company.

Jake had a growth spurt when he was 15 years old – he grew taller than all his older brothers.

The growth of the plants and trees are affected by the weather.

There is a 16% growth in this year’s profits.

He looked like a ruffian, with several day’s growth of beard.

The fertility of the land and rainfall affect the growth of the crops.

The finance minister refused to comment on the economic growth of the country.

Difference Between Growth and Development

 What Does Development Mean

Development mainly refers to progress and improvement. It often encompasses a growth as well as an improvement of circumstances. Development is a qualitative measure. Thus, when something develops, the quality of that thing also improves. If a tree develops, its changes will not only be the size – it will stay healthy, bear fruits and continue growing. The same applies to a child or a company. Thus, development refers to the overall changes and the progressive changes of a thing.

The following examples will help you to understand the meaning of this noun more clearly.

A balanced diet and exercise are imperative for the development of muscles.

The president was very interested in the economic development of the country.

The illustrations in the book show the development of a baby inside a mother’s womb.

Personal development is the primary aim of education, not wealth or status.

Brain drain is the greatest obstacle to the development of the country.

The economic development of this company astonished many financial analysts.

The development of a child’s mind is fascinating to observe. 

Main Difference - Growth vs Development

Difference Between Growth and Development


Growth: Growth refers to the increase in size and number.

Development: Development refers to an improvement in circumstances.


Growth: Growth has a quantitative measure.

Development: Development has a qualitative measure.


Growth: Growth basically refers to the increase in size and number.

Development: Development encompasses overall changes including growth and other progressive changes.

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