Difference Between Hate and Dislike

Main Difference: The two words, hate and dislike appear to be two similar things and are used interchangeably in day to day life, but there is a significant difference between these two words. Hate is an intense, extreme dislike towards a person or a thing while dislike is a feeling of distaste or aversion. In this article, we are going to look at the difference between hate and dislike in depth.

What Does Hate Mean

Hate can be defined an intense dislike towards a person or a thing. The term, ‘hate’ is derived from Old English term hatian (verb), hete (noun), of Germanic origin. Hate is often associated with negative feelings such as anger, hostility and violence. Hate is a destructive emotion and could originate from sentiments like dislike, ignorance or jealousy.

Hate is an emotion that is the opposite of love. However, many people use the term hate casually in the day to day life. For example, ‘I hate ice-cream’, ‘I hate my brother.’ This kind of statements actually uses hate for emphasis. In addition, hate is an emotion that festers inside us for a long time. If we let go of our anger and revulsion, we can get rid of the hate.difference between hate and dislike

What Does Dislike Mean

Dislike is an attitude or feeling of distaste or aversion. You can dislike something about a friend, but when you hate someone, this person is your enemy and definitely not your friend.

Dislike is not as intense as hate and is not always associated with feelings like anger and hostility. Moreover, it is possible that you dislike someone or something at first, but with time you grow to like that person or thing. This shows that dislike is often not a permanent feeling.

dislike vs hate

I dislike bathing

What is the difference between Hate and Dislike


Hate is an intense dislike towards something or someone.

Dislike is a feeling of aversion or distaste.

Associated feelings

Hate is often associated with other feelings like anger, hostility, violence.

Dislike is not associated with such violent feelings.


Hate is often originated from feelings of  jealousy, disgust or ignorance.

Dislike is originated from disgust or disapproval.


Hate is an emotion that festers inside people for a long term.

Dislike could be a temporary feeling.

Living/Non-living things

You can only hate living things, not non-living things.

You can dislike both living and non-living things.

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