Difference Between History and Heritage

Main Difference – History vs Heritage

History and heritage are two words that always go together. History is the study of the past and heritage refers to valued objects and qualities such as historic buildings and traditions that have been passed down from previous generations. This the main difference between history and heritage.

What is History

History is basically the study of the past. It tells us about the events and incidents that took place in the past.  The term history can denote the history of the human race, the origin of civilization or even the events related to the conception of a place or an institution.  Every place or rather everything on earth has a history. It is history that helps us to determine how a particular thing came into being, how it evolved over the years, and what made it the object or concept it is today.

History is based on facts and evidence as well as legends, myths. Although myths and legends are not considered as true events or real records of history, they cannot be termed as utter lies. Certain customs, traditions, as well as information about the past way of life, can be gained by looking at them.Difference Between History and Heritage

What is Heritage

Heritage is always linked to history. Heritage refers to a thing that is transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor. We generally use this term to refer to treasured objects and qualities such as historic buildings and traditions that have been passed down from previous generations. So there can be no heritage without a history.

We consider historical artifacts, monuments, sites, art and literature to be our heritage. They are the achievements or accomplishments of our ancestors, and they also serve as memoirs of the history. In addition, customs and traditions that are unique to our culture and community are also heritages since we inherit them from our forefathers. It is the people who know the history of a particular people or place that is able to appreciate the value of a heritage site, building, or artifact.Main Difference - History vs Heritage

Difference Between History and Heritage


History is the study of past events, particularly in human affairs

Heritage refers to treasured objects and qualities that have been passed down from previous generations.


History is the past as a whole.

Heritage is a reminder of the past.


History looks at the origins of civilizations, their evolution, etc.

Heritage is connected with artifacts, sites, buildings, traditions, literature, etc.Difference Between History and Heritage- infographic

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