Difference Between Hog and Pig

Main Difference – Hog vs Pig

Pigs are mammals that are classified under the Family Suidae, which includes 16 species. Pig family includes pigs, hogs and boars, but all these names describe the same animal with few differences. These family members are commonly known as swine. The main difference between hog and pig is the body size. A hog is usually a larger domestic pig that weighs more than 120 lbs while the pig is a smaller domestic pig that weighs less than 120 lbs. The term ‘bore’ is usually referred to a wild pig. However, these terms are generic terms that may differ based on the different regions of the world and are not defined based on a clear scientific information.

Pigs and hogs have sturdy bodies with short legs, flat snouts, small eyes, short, thin tails, and large ears. Domestic pigs usually have curled tails, while wild boars have straight tails. They are omnivores. About 6000 years ago, Chinese people started to domesticate these mammals and used them as a primary meat source. Even today, they are considered as one of the top animals to be slaughtered for meat. In addition, pigs and hogs are useful animals in medical industry, because their organs are similar to that of humans. Insulin and about 40 other medicines are produced from pigs. The weight of a swine can be in the range of 300 to 700 lbs. The largest boar is the giant forest boar (6.9 feet long), and the smallest boar is the pigmy hog (1.8-2.4 feet long). Wild pigs can be found in all over the world except in Australia, Antarctica, northern Africa and northern Eurasia. Their usual habitats include savannas, rainforests, wetlands, shrublands and temperate forests.

Pigs and hogs are highly intelligent and may be smarter than a 3-year old children. Moreover, they are social animals that live in groups known as sounders. A sounder may consist of a male, few females and their young. They communicate through grunts which can be shorter or longer. Their primary defense is the speed, but their tusk can also be used when they are in danger. The tusks are sharp and can grow up to 3 inches. Domesticated pigs are usually not aggressive, but wild boars can be highly aggressive, especially when they are threatened.

A female swine (called a cow or a sow) can give birth to offspring twice a year. A litter may consist about 12-14 piglets. The life span of a wild boar can be in the range of 5-20 years.

Hog – Facts, Characteristics, Behavior 

Hog is the generic term used for larger pigs who weigh more than 120 lbs. Hogs are larger and weigh more than pigs. Also, hogs are older than pigs. Hogs are slaughtered for meats, unlike pigs.  

Difference Between Hog and Pig

Pig – Facts, Characteristics, Behavior 

The term pig is used for smaller pigs who weigh less than 120 lbs. Pigs are not slaughtered due to their low meat content.

Main Difference - Hog vs Pig

Difference Between Hog and Pig

Body Size

Hogs are larger than pigs.

Pigs are smaller than hogs.


Hogs weigh more than 120 lbs.

Pigs weigh less than 120 lbs.


Hogs are older than pigs


Only hogs are slaughtered for meats.

Pigs are not slaughtered due to their low meat content.Difference Between Hog and Pig - infographic


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