Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant

Main Difference – Hotel vs Restaurant

Hotels and Restaurants are both business establishments that cater to different needs of customers. The basic aim of a hotel is to provide accommodation whereas the basic aim of a restaurant is to provide food and drink. This is the main difference between hotel and restaurant. Sometimes a restaurant can be found inside a hotel as well.

What is a Hotel

A hotel is an establishment that provides accommodation for a short-time. Facilities provided by a hotel may vary according to the size and type of the hotel. A small hotel may provide facilities such as basic bed and storage (for clothing), But luxury hotels can provide facilities such as en-suite bathroom, swimming pool, childcare, room service, etc. Some hotels offer meals as a part of the room.

Hotels vary in size, facilities, and cost. Given below are some general hotel categories classified according to these factors.

Upscale luxury hotels are the hotels that provide luxury facilities, full-service accommodations, on-site full-service restaurants, and a high level of personalized and professional service. They are often classified by at least four or five Diamond or Star status.

Full-service hotels are hotels that contain full-sized luxury facilities with full-service accommodations and amenities.

Boutique hotels are small hotels that have 10 and 100 rooms.

Motels are relatively small roadside hotels basically designed for motorists. The rooms are typically arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside.

Inn is a building where travelers can seek lodging, food and drink. Inns are considered to be the precursor of hotels.Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant

What is a Restaurant

A restaurant is a place where food and drinks are prepared and served to the customers in exchange for money. Food is generally served and eaten inside the restaurant, but many restaurants offer takeaway or delivery services as well.

Restaurants can greatly vary in appearance and the type of cuisines they offer. The term restaurant can be applied to inexpensive, fast food centers to expensive luxury establishments. Restaurants can be also established inside another business place like a hotel or a shopping mall as well. Some restaurants offer all major meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other restaurants may only serve a single meal or two meals. A restaurant can be also classified into different categories based on menu style, preparation methods, and price.Main Difference - Hotel vs Restaurant

Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant

Basic Purpose

Hotels basically provide accommodation.

Restaurants provide food and drink.

Restaurants in Hotels

Hotels can contain a restaurant.

A restaurant can be part of a hotel.


Hotels vary according to size, amenities, and price.

Restaurants vary according to menu style, preparation and serving methods and price.


Hotels can provide facilities such as en-suite bathrooms, swimming pools, lounge, conference rooms, bar, restaurant, room service, childcare, etc.

Restaurants can provide facilities like washrooms, parking, lounge and a play area for kids.Difference Between Hotel and Restaurant - infographic

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