Difference Between Interjection and Exclamation

Main Difference – Interjection vs Exclamation

Interjection and exclamation both express strong feelings and emotions like anger, shock, surprise and joy. The main difference between interjection and exclamation is that interjections can be written with exclamation marks, commas or question marks whereas exclamations are only written with exclamation marks. Interjections are one of the eight parts of speech. It is important to notice that the term exclamation is sometimes used as a synonym for interjection. However, there is a distinct difference between interjection and exclamation as explained in this article.

What are Interjections

Interjections are one of the eight parts of speech. They are words that express strong emotions and feelings such as anger, disgust, joy, enthusiasm and surprise. However, interjections are not grammatically related to a sentence. Some examples of interjections include mmmm, ah, alas, indeed, no, yippee, yikes, yuck, hello, huh, yes, no, etc.

Interjections are generally found at the beginning of a sentence, and they can be in the form of a single word, phrase, or even a short clause. Interjections can be used with commas, exclamation marks and question marks depending on the type of emotion they express. Exclamation marks are used to indicate stronger emotions whereas commas are used to express weaker emotions. Question marks are used to express doubt or disbelief. The following examples will illustrate this usage of interjections.

Wow, that’s a nice dress you’re wearing.

Really? I can’t believe this.

Yay! We are getting holidays today.

My goodness, I can’t believe it.

Eww, are you going to eat this?

Ow! My leg hurts.

Difference Between Interjection and Exclamation

Hooray ! We won the game.

What are Exclamations

Exclamations are also used to show strong emotions like surprise or shock. The phrases and clauses that express exclamation are sometimes called exclamatives. In writing, we usually put an exclamation mark at the end of an exclamation.

The following sentences are examples of exclamations.

I won the lottery!

I just don’t know what happened!

Come here now!

You were meant to be here last week!

I’m so hungry!

We can also form exclamations with what and how.

What an amazing child!

What a pretty little house!

How nice it is to see you!

How lovely!

How clever am I!

We can also make exclamations from interrogatives.

Have I got news for you! Your boss got fired yesterday.

Exclamations can be also used to greet or congratulate somebody.

Congratulations on your victory!

Good morning! How are you feeling today?

Main Difference - Interjection vs Exclamation

What a pretty little cottage!

Difference Between Interjection and Exclamation


Interjections are words expressing strong emotions and feelings which are grammatically unrelated to a sentence.

Exclamations are words, phrases, and clauses that express strong feelings and feelings.


Interjections are single words or short phrases.

Exclamations are generally longer than interjections.

Punctuation Marks

Interjections are written with exclamation marks, commas or question marks.

Exclamations are written with exclamation marks.


Interjections can be sounds, introductory expressions, adjectives, and nouns.

Exclamations are meaningful phrases and clauses.Difference Between Interjection and Exclamation - infographic

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