Difference Between Knitting and Crochet

Main Difference – Knitting vs Crochet

Knitting and crochet are processes of creating fabric using yarn, fiber, or thread. These two methods can create sweaters, shawls, wraps, blankets, afghans, scarves, hats, mittens, socks, etc. There are many differences between knitting and crochet based on their techniques, equipment, results, etc. The main difference between knitting and crochet is that knitting creates fabric by interlocking loops of wool or yarn with a knitting needle whereas crochet creates fabric with a crochet hook.

Difference Between Knitting and Crochet - infographic

What is Knitting

Knitting is a method of creating a fabric by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine. In knitting, multiple loops of yarn are created in a line or tube; these are called stitches. Knitting keeps many stitches open at a time. Knitting is generally done on two pointed needles of the same size. One needle holds the finished work while the other creates the next row.  Knitting can also be done on double-pointed needles, looms and machines. The stitches in knitting look like interlocking v’s or a bunch of braids. Knitting also results in a thinner fabric.

Difference Between Knitting and Crochet

What is Crochet

Crochet is a handicraft in which yarn is made into a textured fabric using a crochet hook. The stitches in crochet are called users posts. This is because a crochet hook is inserted into a stitch and yarn is looped around it a specific number of times. This is like loosely tying a bunch of knots on top of each other. But each stitch is completed before moving on to the next one.

Crochet uses more yarn than knitting. Since crocheting uses more yarn, the resulting fabric is thicker and heavier. It also takes less time than knitting. Crochet is also easier and takes less time to learn.

Main Difference - Knitting vs Crochet

Difference Between Knitting and Crochet


Knitting is a method of creating a fabric by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine.

Crochet is a method of creating fabric by using a needle with a hook at the end to form and weave loops in a thread.


Knitting uses a knitting needle.

Crochet uses a crochet hook.


Knitting keeps many stitches open at a time.

Crochet closes one stitch before moving to the other.


Knitting results in a thinner and lighter fabric.

Crochet results in a heavier and thicker fabric.


Knitting takes a lot of time.

Crochet can be done fast.


Knitting takes less yarn than crochet.

Crochet takes more yarn than knitting.

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