Difference Between Labrador and Golden Retriever

Main Difference – Labrador vs. Golden Retriever

Labrador and Golden Retriever are very lovable, beautiful and popular family dog breeds in most of the countries and the main difference between them is that the Golden Retriever has a golden color long, shaggy coat while the Labrador has a short, dense, interwoven coat that can be white, brown or black. Also, the Golden Retriever has a bushy tail while the Labrador has a strong and broad tail.

Both, Labrador and Golden Retriever are easily trainable and very popular as assistance dogs. They are commonly referred to as retriever dogs because they were originally bred to escort hunters and retrieve fallen fowls during hunting activities. These two breeds look quite similar due to their similar body size, but there exist some differences between them that distinguish one from the other. In this article, more facts about the Labrador and Golden Retriever and the differences between  them will be discussed further.

Golden Retriever – Facts, Characteristics, and Behaviour

Golden Retrievers are quite expensive breeds and well known for their enthusiastic, affectionate and intelligent behavior. Moreover, these breeds are highly energetic, agile and powerful dogs. Golden Retrievers have a charming look due to their golden color shiny coats with long fur. An adult breed can measure between 20.5-25  inches height and weight between 25-34 kgs. These dogs always like to be with their owners and make very strong bonds with them. Hence, Golden Retrievers are not used as guard dogs, but watchdogs. Unlike their close companion Labrador, these breeds can be easily trained.

Main Difference - Labrador vs. Golden Retriever

Labrador – Facts, Characteristics and Behaviour

Labradors are rated as one of the most popular family dogs worldwide due to their pleasant appearance, hardworking and playful qualities. The adults are strongly built, medium-sized dogs with 21.5–24 inches in height and 25-36 kg in weight. These breeds come in yellow, black and brown color coats. Labradors were initially used as the companion for hunters. However, due to their loyal, intelligent and easy-going temperament, these breeds are specially used as assistance dogs. They are very energetic dogs, thus need regular exercises to maintain their health. Labradors do not need regular grooming.  These breeds have short fur, so the shedding is quite common. Labradors are one of the smartest breeds in the world. However, their learning time is quite long when compared to Golden Retrievers due to their independent behavior.Difference Between Labrador and Golden Retriever

Difference Between Labrador and Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers‘ country of origin is the United Kingdom.

Labradors‘ country of origin is Canada.


Labradors can weigh about 25-36 kg.

Golden Retrievers can weigh about 25-34 kg. 


Labradors are about 20.5-25  inches in height.

Golden Retrievers are about 21.5–24 inches.

Coats and fur

Golden Retrievers have long, shaggy, water repellent coats.

Labradors have short, dense, interwoven, water repellent coats.

Coat’s Color

Golden Retrievers are  golden in color.

Labradors can be white, brown or black.


Golden Retrievers shed less.

Labradors shed more.


Golden Retrievers have bushy tails.

Labradors have strong and broad tails.

Litter size

Golden Retriever can give birth to 6-10 puppies.

Labrador can give birth to 6-8 puppies.


Golden Retrievers are very expensive.

Labradors are moderately expensive.


Golden Retrievers are moderately adaptable.

Labradors are highly adaptable.


Golden Retrievers are easy to train.

Labradors are harder to train.

Labradors are more energetic, curious and interdependent in nature than Golden Retrievers.


Golden Retrievers need more grooming.

Labradors are easier to maintain with less grooming.difference between Golden Retriever and Labrador -infographic


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