Difference Between Laid and Layed

Main Difference – Laid vs Layed

Laid and layed are both related to the verb lay. Laid is the past and past participle of lay. It is popularly used in the language. Layed is an archaic term which was used as the past and past participle of laid. However, it is no longer in usage. This is the main difference between laid and layed.

Laid – Meaning and Usage

Laid is the past and past participle of the transitive verb lay. Lay means to set down something or place something. Lay is a transitive verb and always follows a direct object. It can never be used without an object. The following examples will help you to understand the meaning and usage of this word better.

He laid his keys on the table.

The hen laid an egg.

The nanny laid the baby on his cot.

Someone laid a hand on his shoulder.

The floor was laid with sand and dust.

We laid a trap for her.

The two verbs lay and lie becomes quite confusing to many English learners since both of them have a similar meaning. But, lie means to rest in a horizontal position whereas lay means to put or place something. It’s easier to remember the difference between lay and lie if you know that lay and laid (the past tense of lay) are always followed by a direct object whereas lie and lay (the past tense of lie) are not followed by an object.

Difference Between Laid and Layed

Formal dining table laid for a large dinner party

Layed – Meaning and Usage

Layed is an archaic term equivalent to laid. It used to function as the past and past participle of lay. However, this term is no longer in usage, and most people consider this term to be a misspelling. Since this term is no longer in usage, you should always use laid instead of layed.

Main Difference - Laid vs Layed

A corpse is dressed in grave clothes and layed out for mourners to visit

Difference Between Laid and Layed


Laid is the past tense and past participle of laid.

Layed is an alternative spelling of past tense and past participle of laid, which is no longer in use.


Laid is commonly accepted.

Layed is no longer in use.

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