Difference Between Life and Live

Main Difference – Life vs Live

Life and live are two related words that refer to the state of living. The main difference between life and live is that life is a noun that refers to existence while live is a verb that refers to remaining alive. 

What Does Life Mean 

Life is a noun that refers to the existence of a human being or an animal. It is the period between birth and death of a living being. Oxford dictionary defines life as “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death” “Lives” is the plural of life. The following examples will help you to understand the usage of this word.

She had lived all her life in misery and now they were going to give her a blessed relief.

She didn’t want to die; she loved her life.

As blood is pumped around the body, it carries oxygen and nutrients that are essential for life.

This massive accident has already claimed the lives of 235 people and another 300 people are still in the hospital due to serious injuries.

He started a new life in France, after changing his name to Jacques Pierre.

Life also refers to vitality, vigor and energy. When you say that someone is full of life, it means, that person is very energetic. Ex: “They were both full of life and energy and life, and continued the argument until there were no more words to be spoken.”

Main Difference - life vs live

A new life was growing inside her.

What Does Live Mean

Live is a verb that means to remain alive or to exist. We also use ‘live’ when we are talking about our home i.e. to indicate where or with whom we are living.

He lived a good life and had no regrets.

The doctors said that she had only 2 months to live, she wanted to live her life to the fullest in those 2 months.

He lived with his parents in a small cottage.

I live in Mumbai, and my brother lives in Delhi.

They live by hunting and fishing.

She will live on in our memories. (She’ll be remembered by others)

He lived for his paintings. (The most important thing in his life is his painting)

When Live is used as an adjective, it refers to not dead or inanimate. For example,

‘It is better to be a dead hero than a live coward.

Live can also refer to a broadcast transmitted at the time of occurrence, i.e. not a recorded broadcast.

“He wanted to watch the live coverage of the match.”

“The live broadcast of the political discussion had to be cancelled as the two politicians attacked each other.”

Difference between life and live

She lives in this house, with her parents.

Difference Between Life and Live


Life is the existence of a living being. It is the period between birth and dead.

Live is to remain alive, to exist.


Life is a noun.

Live is a verb.

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