Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Main Difference – Love vs Infatuation

Many people fail to understand the difference between love and infatuation because both are intense and strong feelings. Many people assume that they are in love with someone just because he or she is amazing, and they can’t stop thinking about them. However, most of them are not in love, just infatuated with someone. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. This is the main difference between love and infatuation. However, love may also start out as infatuation.

In this article, we’ll look at 

1. What is Love? – Definition and Characteristics 

2. What is Infatuation – Definition and Characteristics 

3. Key Differences Between Love and Infatuation Difference Between Love and Infatuation - Love vs. Infatuation Comparison Summary

What is Love

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. When you love someone, you care very strongly and very deeply about that person. You support them and help to solve his or her problems. You’ll stand by this person through thick and thin and will do everything in your power to make this person happy.

Love is a gradual process. It takes time to get to know a person and fall in love with him. However, you might feel an instant physical attraction towards that person. A person in love does not only focus on the good qualities of his partner. He or she knows the faults and weaknesses of the partner and loves him or her despite the faults. You won’t expect perfection; you’ll accept that things can go wrong and will work on making them better.

When you are really in love a person, it’ll be difficult to imagine a life without him/her. But, you’ll always feel secure and comfortable with your partner.

Difference Between Love and Infatuation

What is Infatuation

An infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. Infatuation usually refers to a physical attraction. Thus, infatuation can happen instantly. When you are infatuated with someone, you’ll focus more on superficial things like the appearance, the way of talking, smiling, etc. A relationship can start as an infatuation and can gradually proceed to a deeper and stronger love. Infatuation is a temporary feeling. You’ll naturally lose your interest in that person after some time.

When you are infatuated with someone you put that person on a pedestal, i.e., you idealize that person. You will only see the good qualities, strengths, and perfections and will be blind to the negative qualities of that person. When you have an idealistic image of that person, you’ll also have unrealistic expectations

Being infatuated with someone can be draining. You‘ll constantly worry about what other person is doing, feeling, etc. You may also try your best to impress him since you feel insecure about the relationship. Infatuation can also make you do irrational things, but once the infatuation has run its course, you may regret your actions.

Main Difference - Love vs Infatuation

Difference Between Love and Infatuation


Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.

Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

Time Taken

Love develops over time.

Infatuation is instant.


Love lasts a long time.

Infatuation is temporary.


Love accepts the whole person, including the imperfection.

Infatuation focuses on perfections and makes people blind to the imperfections.

Physical Attraction

Love is more than a physical attraction.

Infatuation is mostly a physical attraction.  


Love doesn’t make you irrational.

Infatuation can make a person act irrationally.

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