Difference Between Luck and Fortune

Main Difference – Luck vs. Fortune

Luck and fortune are two words that are often used synonymously, but that does not mean their meanings are identical. Both of them can be defined as chance, a force that affects human life for good or bad. Nevertheless, it can be said that luck leans more towards chance while fortune leans towards an external force, such as divine intervention. In addition, luck is generally considered to be twofold: good luck and bad luck while fortune always implies a good result.

Therefore, the main difference between luck and fortune is that luck is considered to be a result of chance while fortune is generally considered to be a result of an external force. However, these two words can be used interchangeably on most occasions.

Luck – Meaning and Usage

Luck can be defined as success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. A person gets lucky when the outcome of a randomly decided event is in his or her favor. Sometimes, the noun luck is also used interchangeably with chance. Luck can be used either as a noun or a verb (informal). The use of the noun luck is said to come into the English language from the Middle Low German lucke. The sentences below will show you the usage of this word in the language.

It’s bad to luck to see a black cat on a Friday.

This medallion is said to bring luck to its wearer.

I hope that the luck that helped you to win this money will help you to protect this money as well.

Jerry lucked into this job.

In the last sentence, luck is used as an informal verb meaning the chance to acquire.Difference Between Luck and Fortune

Fortune – Meaning and Usage

Fortune comes from the Latin Fortuna, the name of the Goddess of fate. Fortune is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as Chance or luck as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs. However, we often associate the word fortune with external forces like divine assistance or other supernatural powers. In some cases, fortune can be used instead of luck. Moreover, fortune is considered to be more formal than luck. Therefore, it is advisable to use fortune when you are using formal language.

Fortune favours the brave.

A malicious act of fortune kept the young lovers apart.

Even when fortune is used as a synonym for luck, fortune always refers to a positive consequent of chance. Words like misfortune, ill fortune refers to bad luck.

In addition, fortune also refers to prosperity and wealth. It can refer to a large amount of money or assets. It can also refer to a success or failure of a person or a company over a period of  time.

He inherited a considerable fortune from his grandmother.

The family’s fortune has declined with time.Main Difference - Luck vs Fortune

Difference Between Luck and Fortune     

Good vs Bad

Luck refers to either success or failure as a result of chance.

Fortune mainly refers to success or good luck.       


Luck is more informal than fortune.

Fortune is more formal than luck.


Luck leans more towards chance.

Fortune leans more towards external force like divine assistance.


Luck has Germanic roots.

Fortune has Latin roots.Difference Between Luck and Fortune - infographic

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